President Clinton at CES: The World Needs More Smartphones (And Fewer Guns)

The former president takes the stage in Vegas to talk about some things tech, and some things not so tech.

Acer President Wong: Consumers Are Still Confused by Windows 8

More fightin’ words from Acer.

Khosla Ventures Brings In Condoleezza Rice’s Firm for Strategic Role

Strategery plus!

IBM Names CEO Rometty as Chairman; Palmisano Leaving Board

“Madame Chairman” has a nice ring to it.

Obama Adds to Online Presidential Milestones With Reddit AMA

We’ve come a long way since FDR’s fireside chats.


When Will Social Media Elect a President?

The Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 took place over seven venues, with 10,000-20,000 attendees and no microphones.

News Byte

Obama Will Hold Twitter Town Hall

U.S. President Barack Obama, whose re-election campaign recently announced that he’ll start personally tweeting from his Twitter account every once in a while, is going to take questions from Twitter users. A live-streamed Obama town hall will be held July 6 at the White House on the topics of the economy and jobs. And maybe what he ate for breakfast.

Who's Number Two At Oracle?

Safra Catz’s re-appointment as Oracle’s finance chief kicks off a new round of corporate Kremlinology over who will ultimately take over for Larry Ellison as CEO.

Exclusive: Groupon President and COO Rob Solomon Steps Down

Sources close to Groupon, the social buying site, said its president and COO, former Yahoo exec Rob Solomon, is stepping down from his job. It’s not clear what the reasons for Solomon’s departure are, but the move seems to be sudden. It is also unusual given the fast-track trajectory of Groupon, which is currently considering an IPO at gigantic badillion-dollar valuations.

Got Broadband? Not Sure? There's a Map for That.

It took two years and $350 million, but America now has a detailed map showing where all its broadband Internet connections are and where they are not.

Dell Mobile Boss Bails

YouTube Nabs a Sit-Down With Barack Obama

A Boy Named Sue-Happy