Managing Expectations for Amazon’s Upcoming Kindle Event

Let’s recap what we know ahead of Amazon’s Sept. 6 press conference.

Amazon Announces September 6 Press Conference; Mum on Details

A new Kindle, perhaps?

Confirmed: Yahoo Names PayPal Head Scott Thompson as New CEO

Like I said.

HTC’s One-Button Facebook Phones Headed to ATT

Although they may not be the Salsa and Cha Cha models shown off on stage in Barcelona, AT&T said it will exclusively have HTC Android-based phones with a similar one-button access to Facebook.

HTC Shows Off First Tablet, Android Phone With Facebook Button and More

HTC became the latest company to “friend” Facebook, showing off a pair of Android phones that have a button for connecting directly to the social network. It also used Mobile World Congress to show off its first tablet and other Android devices.

Inside Facebook's Big Move to Menlo Park

Facebook is holding a press conference later today to announce it will move to a campus in Menlo Park, Calif., that the company expects to become its long-term home.

Backstage at the Onion's New TV Show

The Onion lands its second TV show in a month–this one is the pitch-perfect “Onion News Network” on IFC–and we sit down with head writer Carol Kolb.

Is Larry Page the Consummate Anti-Social CEO?

Google’s new CEO isn’t much for the social Web. If he has a presence on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn it was created with deep privacy settings or a fake name. I couldn’t even find a fleshed-out Google profile for Larry Page.

Want to Cut Your Cord? The NBC U-Comcast Deal Won't Make It Easier

If you were hoping that the government restrictions on the NBC U-Comcast deal would make it easier for you to stop paying for cable, you’re out of luck. The government is forcing the new company to offer its stuff to online outlets like Netflix and iTunes. But it won’t happen in the way that cord cutters would like. If it happens at all.

A Phone That's a Beauty on the Outside–A Monster Inside

Superphones are beautiful on the outside but a monster inside, thanks to the new high-speed processor announced today by Nvidia. The so-called Tegra 2 will bring superior graphics capabilities to a wide variety of devices this week at CES.

Windows on ARM Is No Knee-Jerk Move

Does the FCC Want to Kill Hulu?

Welcome to the Schminternet!