Pay Wall Operator Tinypass Grows, Raises $3 Million

The people who help Andrew Sullivan make money raise money of their own.

Press Problems

I said that I would look into the allegations. I mean, part of the problem here is we get these through the press and then I’ve got to go back and find out what’s going on with respect to these particular allegations.

President Obama, responding to a question at the G20 summit about the NSA leaks by saying that he gets his information about the NSA from the press

Grasping for a Vine: Video for Instagram Will Be Sole Reveal at Facebook Event Thursday

We’re ready for our close-up, Mr. Systrom.

News Byte

Facebook Invites Press to “See What We’re Building” Next Week

Facebook couldn’t help but insert itself into the CES conversation today, announcing an event at its Menlo Park headquarters next week. The invitation, which asks reporters to “come and see what we’re building,” is noteworthy because it has been a while since the company opened its own doors for something official. The proceedings kick off at 10 am PT Tuesday, Jan. 15.

News Byte

Facebook Plans Press Event for “Gifts” November 1

Here’s yet another tech company with a press event lined up for the next couple weeks: Facebook is inviting reporters to “come see what’s new with Facebook Gifts” at the FAO Schwarz store in Manhattan Nov. 1. Facebook unveiled the ability to buy physical gifts for other users last month.

Q: Can Facebook Shares Go Lower? A: How Well Can You Limbo?

Down and down it goes — and where it stops, nobody knows.

Khosla Ventures Hires Ex-Yahoo Mojgan Khalili as Comms Partner

Every time a fund is raised, a new marketing VC gets wings.

Here’s Dan Loeb’s Letter to Investors About the Value of Yahoo’s Alibaba Stake

China is emperor at Yahoo, says activist shareholder.

Roadshow: CEO Pincus Not Selling Shares in Upcoming Zynga IPO

While he has recently been portrayed as Mr. Potter of Silicon Valley, it looks like the online gaming leader will not get greedy in the IPO.

President Obama’s LinkedIn Town Hall: The Other Silicon Valley Jobs Event

Here’s an idea to get more jobs for the citizens of the U.S.of A.: Fantastic high-speed wireless access!

Viral Video: Awkward, Party of Aniston