Latest Guess at Kindle Sales: 5 Million This Year, 11.5 Million in 2012

Since the Kindle’s launch in November of 2007, Amazon hasn’t been particularly forthcoming with the device’s sales figures. Trumpeting the latest iteration of the Kindle as “the fastest-selling ever” is about as specific as it’s gotten. So coming up with a yearly sales forecast for the Kindle is no easy task. But that doesn’t stop analysts from trying.

UPDATE: E-Reader Prices Keep Dropping, Except for Amazon’s Kindle

The Kindle goes for $259. But if you wait a few weeks, you’ll probably be able to pick one up for less than $200. In the meantime, you can now buy a Barnes & Noble Nook for $149.

Good Luck Competing on the iPhone’s Home Turf, Palm

After plunging last week to their lowest level in more than a year, Palm’s shares have come back slightly on news of the company’s distribution deal with AT&T. Investors, it seems, are hoping the deal will revive Palm’s flagging smartphone sales and ease the nasty inventory problem that has developed over the past few months. But analysts aren’t so sure.

Initial iPad Demand Greater Than Initial iPhone Demand

Given the years of speculation and hype that led up to its announcement, it’s not at all surprising that there is significant pent-up demand for Apple’s iPad. But that it exceeds demand estimates for the original iPhone, as a new survey from RBC/ChangeWave suggests, is a bit unexpected. The iPad is, after all, an entirely new device category between the laptop computer and the smartphone.

Apple to Test Dollar TV Show Downloads

As Apple prepares for the official launch of the iPad, the company is pushing television networks to lower the price of TV episodes. People familiar with the talks tell the Financial Times that Apple soon hopes to sell standard-definition TV shows for $1 each–half the price it currently charges for them on iTunes.

Mossberg Discusses the iPad on “The Charlie Rose Show”

Mossberg was on “The Charlie Rose” show this past Thursday to discuss the upcoming Apple iPad.

The Apple-Amazon Book War Heats Up and Claims Macmillan as a Casualty

Apple has yet to sell its first e-book, but it is already engaged in a bruising battle with Amazon for control of the market. The most recent salvo: Amazon has stopped selling all books from MacMillan, apparently in response to the publisher’s plans to sell its books at a higher price point through Apple.

Apple’s iPad: The Analysts Sound Off

It’s still a bit early to claim any consensus reaction to Apple’s new iPad among Wall Street analysts. That said, there seems to be some agreement that the device has significant market potential, especially with the attractive pricing Apple has given it.

The iPad Is a Multimedia Device. So Where Are the Media? Be Patient.

As predicted, Steve Jobs showed off a new multimedia device today. One thing he didn’t show off, though: Much in the way of new media.

Meet Apple’s iPad: Starts at $500, Supported by AT&T

At a 2007 all-hands meeting to discuss the iPhone, Apple CEO Steve Jobs remarked on the company’s product roadmap. The machines Apple will bring to market in the years ahead, he said, would be “off the charts.” This morning, Jobs made good on his word, unveiling a new multimedia tablet device called the iPad.

So Much for That Free Google Phone Idea

Apple to Sony, Nintendo: Game Over, Man

Microsoft Tweaks Laptop Hunter Ads

Laptop Punters

Palm Pixie in November?

PRC Mulling "One-iPhone Policy"

PRC Mulling “One-iPhone Policy”