HP’s Q2 Earnings Beat Expectations on Weak Sales

Better profits, weaker sales.

A Printer for the iPad

Walt answers a reader’s question on finding a printer for the iPad.

An In-Between PC

Walt answers a reader’s question on finding an interim computer while waiting for a Mac replacement.

High Five to AllThingsD.com — Happy Birthday to Us

No presents but your presence, dear readers.

All Things Hired: Bonnie Cha Is Our Latest ATD Reviewer

ATD adds another staffer to the team.


The Zen of Printing (Comic)

Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site.

There Better Be Some Cool Stuff at CES, Because CE Holiday Sales Data Bytes!

Camcorders and MP3 players go splat!

Sending Music to the Cloud

Walt answers readers’ technology questions, including uploading music to Apple’s iTunes Match cloud service.

No Launch Date in Sight for Polaroid’s Lady Gaga Goggles

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Where’s your slick product?

Use a Tablet, Save a Tree

HP in Deep Duty