Fortune’s Most Powerful Women List Has Lots of Tech Stars, With She-Can-Do-Anything Spotlight on Facebook’s Sandberg

I say we scramble all the private jets in Silicon Valley and get the “Lean In” book star to D.C. to lean on some pols to open the government again, tout de suite!

Power Listicle: Disruptive Bezos Displaces Apple Execs as No. 1 on VF Annual Ranking

Who’s the bomb? (For this year, at least.)

Bras in a Box and Netflix-Like Clothing Swaps? New Services Look to Disrupt Online Shopping.

Can a computer choose all your clothes for you?

Yahoo Acquires Xobni for Upward of $30 Million


Yahoo Hires Longtime McKinsey Exec DeVine to Head Global Ops

Exec ho! A new big hire at Yahoo.

Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe on One Million-DNA March and More (Video)

Can the personal genome company get people to keep spitting for their health?

Marissa Mayer’s First Live Interview (Which ATD Had to Virtually Sneak Into): God. Family. Yahoo.

Going down those Internet pipes is really tight.

Valley Cred: Samsung Plans to Open New Start-Up Accelerator in Downtown Palo Alto

While it’s not quite Oppa Gangnam style, it is a big move for the Korean mobile and consumer electronics giant.

Here Come the Inevitable Marissa Mayer Magazine Profiles — As She Preps Her Quick Return to Yahoo

The high-profile exec is likely to get back to the office sooner than later.

LinkedIn Hires VP Engineering From Google