ProPublica’s New App Explains Why the President Sent You That Email

We aren’t just voters anymore — we’re customers.
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Why American Newspapers Gave Away the Future (Excerpt)

Maybe the extinction of newspapers was inevitable once digital publishing moved from proprietary services and the slow speeds of dial-up delivery to the open access of the worldwide Web.

In Your Hands, Just What You Want to Read

Until now, personalized-reading apps have been mostly found on tablets like the iPad, but Wednesday, the first of those apps moves to the smartphone for reading on the go.

News Byte

WashPost Says Its Facebook App Readers Are Younger — And More Indian

The Washington Post said today that its social news app — which in my opinion gets far too much play at top of my Facebook newsfeed! — has 3.5 million users. That number isĀ in line with public stats, but the paper also disclosed that it’s reaching a new audience through Facebook: 83 percent of the app users are under 35 years old and 20 percent are based in India. The app will now syndicate stories from the Hindustan Times, GigaOM and ProPublica.

De-Beatification. Is There An App For That?

I liked Steve Jobs better before he was a saint.

ProPublica Editor of News Applications Scott Klein @kleinmatic, via Twitter

Amazon Says It's "All Hands On Deck" As Cloud Troubles Enter Day Two

Amazon says it’s making meaningful progress in its fight to get its cloud infrastructure working again. Meanwhile, Sony’s Playstation Gaming network is down too.

Amazon and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Amazon seems to be getting control over the outage that brought down its cloud and the Web sites of more companies than we’ll probably ever know. What will be harder is winning back the confidence it has until now enjoyed. The names of victims now include the New York Times and a division of

Full D8 Interview Video: Demand Media's Richard Rosenblatt and ProPublica's Paul Steiger

As promised, All Things Digital is posting the full videos from our eighth D: All Things Digital conference, held earlier this month. Here’s one of the most interesting pairings at D8–Richard Rosenblatt of Demand Media, the Google-savvy content engine, and former Wall Street Journal edit chief Paul Steiger of ProPublica, a nonprofit that produces hefty investigative pieces online and off. The debate over the future of journalism is a key one over the next several years, as new content models emerge and old ones wither.

Full D8 Video: Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie

As promised, All Things Digital is posting the full videos from our eighth D: All Things Digital conference, held earlier this month. Let’s start off this week with a bang–in the person of the always lively Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who appeared onstage at D8 with the tech giant’s chief software architect, Ray Ozzie.

D8 Video: Does Serious Journalism Have to Be a Charity Case?

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt runs away from the concept of journalism. ProPublica’s Paul Steiger embraces it. But he says he can’t figure out how to provide serious, in-depth reporting without help from foundations and wealthy donors–just like clinics and orchestras and art museums.

The D8 Site Is Now Live

The D8 Site Is Now Live