Publishers Object to E-Book Plan for Apple

Five major U.S. publishers objected to the Justice Department’s proposal to limit Apple’s influence in the electronic books market, saying it would effectively alter their existing settlements with the U.S. government.

Here’s the DOJ’s E-Book-Pricing Case Against Apple (Slide Deck)

As the trial opens, the government lays out evidence that it says shows Apple conspired with publishers to fix prices.


Amazon’s Quest for Web Names Draws Foes

Large and small companies are vying for control of an array of new Internet domain names, but Amazon.com Inc.’s plans are coming under particular scrutiny.

The Latest Long Apple Line: Developers Waiting for App Approval

As volume spikes for the holidays and submissions surge to take advantage of new product releases, iOS app approval wait times grow.


Judge Approves E-Book Price-Fixing Settlement

A U.S. judge has approved an antitrust agreement with dozens of states in which consumers will receive more than $69 million from book publishers to settle allegations of price-fixing of e-books.


Judge Approves Settlement in E-Book Pricing Case

In a move that could reshape the publishing industry, a federal judge has approved a settlement with three of the nation’s largest book publishers over alleged collusion in the pricing of e-books.


Memo to DOJ: Drop the Apple E-Books Suit

Recently the Department of Justice filed suit against Apple and major publishers, alleging that they colluded to raise prices in the digital books market. While the claim sounds plausible on its face, the suit could wipe out the publishing industry as we know it, making it much harder for young authors to get published.

Amazon’s Kindle Is Finally Headed to Japan

“Coming soon.”


Google Settles Lawsuits Brought by French Authors and Publishers

Google Inc.’s effort to digitize the world’s books inched forward Monday, as the search giant said it had struck deals with French authors and publishers that end six years of litigation and open the way to sell out-of-print French books online.


Justice Department Bites Apple

The 30 percent revenue-share model is Apple’s standard practice, not, as alleged by the government, the product of a conspiracy. Whether it’s news, games, apps or books, Apple’s position is the same.

Apple Unveils iPad Textbook Plan