Spotify Is Not the Cloud-Based Music Service of the Future Thom Yorke Is Looking For

It’s like this mind trick going on, people are like ‘with technology, it’s all going to become one in the cloud and all creativity is going to become one thing and no one is going to get paid and it’s this big super intelligent thing.’ Bullshit.

— Musician Thom Yorke, in an interview with Mexican website Sopitas, (via the Guardian), attacking Spotify once again. For good measure, Yorke called the music streaming service “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse.”

Now It’s Spotify’s Turn to Get Attacked by Rock Stars

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke does the honors, while Pandora gets a pass. For now!

GoBank: It’s a Real Bank, and It’s Made by Real Internet People

Lots of startup types go about their lives in search of something they can fix. “Banking!” they think. “Banking sucks!”

Dogs and Cats Live Together, and Kid Rock Starts Selling Music on iTunes

Last year, Apple’s pricing policies were “un-American.” They haven’t changed, but apparently the musician’s mind has.

The Louis C.K. Window

Louis C.K. isn’t the first performer to sell directly to his fans using the Web. But if he wants to, he can keep working with Big Media, too. Clever.


Music for Nothing and the Fans for Free

Consumers won’t pay for recorded music in the future — but fans will pay for music experiences.

Forge Your Own Guitar Skills With Ubisoft’s Rocksmith

No more silly plastic guitars with buttons. Ubisoft has rigged a way for people to learn to play a real electric guitar using videogames.

Money! Pink Floyd Stays at EMI–and iTunes.

Roger Waters and crew said they didn’t want their record label selling singles in Apple’s music store. But those concerns seem to have been resolved.

Viral Video: Here Come the Facebook Movie Spoofs!

It was inevitable, I suppose, that the highly stylized trailers for the upcoming movie, “The Social Network,” would be ripe for mocking. The full trailer from Sony unit Columbia Pictures uses a creepy Vega Choir version of the Radiohead song, “Creep,” and has all kinds of dramatic flourishes–making it perfect for spoofs. Here are three.

The Facebook Movie Full Trailer: Creepier, Pokier, Anti-Zuckerbergier

Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Uh-oh, from the looks of this full-length trailer for the upcoming movie, “The Social Network,” about founding of Facebook, it’s not going to be a positive portrayal of you. One bright spot: The hoodie is just right.

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