Ray Ozzie

Chief Software Architect

Ozzie, an industry pioneer in computer-supported cooperative work, is Microsoft's chief software architect. He assumed the role in June 2006, when chairman Bill Gates announced his intent to relinquish his day-to-day Microsoft responsibilities in 2008. Ozzie came to Microsoft in April 2005 when the company acquired Groove Networks, a next-generation collaboration software company he founded in 1997. Prior to Groove, Ozzie was a founder and president of Iris Associates, where he created and led the development of Lotus Notes.

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People argue about, are we in a post-PC world. Why are we arguing? Of course we’re in a post-PC world, but that doesn’t mean the PC dies. That just means that the scenarios that we use them in, we stop referring to them as PCs, we refer to these other things. But it’s still general computation.

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s former technology chief

A Tiny Bit More on Ray Ozzie’s New Start-up, Cocomo

The Lotus Notes creator and Groove founder is hiring for his latest project, an effort that pairs him with some old colleagues. However, Ozzie is remaining tight-lipped on just what he is up to.

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Later today after the markets close, Microsoft will make its first-quarter earnings announcement, which a consensus of analysts expect to show earnings of 55 cents a share on $15.8 billion in revenue. That’s a big lift from the year before, of course, when earnings were 40 cents a share and revenues were lower. Nonetheless, Wall Street has been downgrading Microsoft’s stock, mostly due to worries about the surging popularity of the Apple iPad, the introduction of even more upcoming tablets and the trend’s overall impact on PC and, especially, netbook sales that run the company’s software.

Ray Ozzie Leaving Microsoft

Ray Ozzie, who joined Microsoft five years ago as chief software architect and played a large role in developing the company’s cloud service offerings, is retiring. CEO Steve Ballmer said Ozzie will stay with the company through a transition period, but has no specific plans after that.

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