Silver Lake Contributed $1.4 Billion to Dell Buyout Offer, Filings Show

Details emerge on the deal.

Analysts See Turnaround Under Way at HP, Stay Positive

After disclosing combined charges of $9 billion and the biggest loss in the company’s history, is there still a reason to be positive on Hewlett-Packard?

Amazon Makes More Than $100 Off Each Kindle Fire

Each Kindle Fire generates a lifetime operating income of $136, says RBC.

More Early Adopters Want Kindle Fire Than iPad

Survey says 26 percent of Amazon Kindle Fire early adopters say they are delaying the purchase of an iPad.

Prelaunch Demand for iPhone 5 Unprecedented

Apple’s going to sell a lot of iPhone 5s. But you knew that already.

New BlackBerrys Could Buoy RIM for a Bit

RIM’s new BlackBerry 7 handsets could give the company a bit more traction in the consumer smartphone market.

First Day PlayBook Sales: Is 50,000 Too Big a Number?

The launch of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook earlier this week may not have been quite the spectacle for which the company had hoped, but first day sales appear to have been respectable, just the same.

Gloom, Doom Loom for Motorola Xoom?

When it debuted in February, Motorola’s Xoom was widely described as the first comparable competitor to Apple’s iPad. And while it may be that, it’s not proving much of a rival in the market.

Verizon’s iPhone Sales So Amazing They Can’t Even Put a Number On It

The company says it sold more phones in the first two hours than it had sold in any first-day launch in its history, though it declines to quantify the sales. Rest assured, it puts Kin sales to shame.

Survey: Pre-Release Appeal of PlayBook Half That of iPad

Strong buying intentions are developing around Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook ahead of its presumed March launch. Extrapolating from a post-CES consumer survey, RBC analyst Mike Abramsky concludes the device could sell four million units this calendar year and in excess of six million units in its first full year at market.

Growing Interest in BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM’s PlayBook: Scoring in Garbage Time

Nokia Buy Palm? Riiiiight.

Dell Dials Up Smartphones

Verizon Searches for Google

iPhone 3G: Thou Shalt Covet