Chegg Set to Go Public Tomorrow in Next Post-Twitter Tech IPO

Which came first: The chicken or Wall Street investors?

In New York Fight, Airbnb Says It Has Proof That Hosts Rent Out Their Own Homes

The question is exactly how peer-driven Airbnb is, or whether it’s just another site for professional rental agencies to find more business.

Survey Says: Despite Yahoo Ban, Most Tech Companies Support Work-From-Home for Employees

CEO Marissa Mayer is swimming against the tech workplace tide with her new ban.

To VC or Not to VC: Former Square COO Rabois Leaning Toward Khosla Ventures Job

A Silicon Valley choice.

Nintendo’s Wii U Outperforming the Original Wii, Only Because It Costs More

We can talk unit sales and profit later. How about those revenue numbers?

Checking In With the Natty VCs of Social+Capital (Video)

What has the dashing-in-Silicon-Valley-at-least Chamath Palihapitiya been up to since he founded his antithetical venture firm?

Amazon Brings Its Videos to the iPad

Jeff Bezos brings his video catalog — but not his store — to Tim Cook’s devices.

Warner Brothers Will Make Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster Wait Longer for New Movies

Want to watch a new movie just out on DVD from Warner Brothers? You’re going to have to buy it, or wait even longer to get it from Netflix or other disc renters.

Digital Game Revenue Wasn’t Enough to Offset Broader Industry Declines in Q3

Revenue from mobile and social games, among other categories, is growing, but not at a fast enough clip to offset the declines witnessed in the traditional games market.

Airbnb Hires Former Yahoo Legal Eagle Belinda Johnson as General Counsel

Here’s the lawyer who’s going to write that ironclad lease — that promised espresso maker better be there! — for the lovely apartment in Italy we rented.