Roger McNamee

Elevation Partners

Roger McNamee co-founded Elevation Partners in 2004, after a long career as an investor. He began his career in 1982 at T. Rowe Price Associates. In 1991, McNamee launched Integral Capital Partners, the first crossover fund, combining later stage venture capital with public market investments, in partnership with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. In 1999, he co-founded Silver Lake Partners, the first private equity fund focused on technology businesses. Now with Elevation Partners, an investment partnership focused on the intersection of media and entertainment content and consumer technology, he's done it again, this time with Bono as a partner. He's the guy who decided to fund the revival of Palm, which is making a bet-the-company move to beat Apple, RIM and others in the handheld wars. Most importantly, though, McNamee plays guitar and bass in the band Moonalice.

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Is That French?

Excuse my French, it was a clusterfuck. It’s like you had a chance to win the Super Bowl and you didn’t show up for the game.

— Elevation Partners Roger McNamee, about the Facebook IPO

The Wall Street Death March?

I think going public today is almost like a Bataan death march. I think Wall Street — this will insult many people — but I think in many ways it bears a resemblance to organized crime. It is legal today what they do, but what they do is manifestly unfair.

Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners, in conversation with Bloomberg Television’s Margaret Brennan

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All Things Digital’s Katherine Boehret walked the lobby at Terranea during registration for D8 and got a few tech types to talk about what they hope Steve Jobs will discuss during tonight’s interview.

Palm CEO Jon "Ruby" Rubinstein Talks About the HP Deal–He's Staying, Will Always Love the Pre Mirror and Still Will Not Be Touching Any iPhones

After an All Things Digital report last week on Hewlett-Packard being the most likely suitor for Palm, despite multiple reports of intense interest from HTC and Lenovo from China, in an interview with BoomTown this afternoon after the $1.2 billion acquisition was announced, CEO Jon Rubinstein jokingly asked how we knew about the deal. We didn’t! It was a complete guess, Ruby! Actually it was a very informed one by Digital Daily’s John Paczkowski, but his cogent analysis of the synergies between Palm and HP is pretty much what Rubinstein said drove the action.

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