Chinese Handset Exports Bode Well for iPhone Sales

Historically, there has been a close correlation between Apple iPhone revenue and Chinese export value.

Microsoft Says Not All Windows 8 Apps Can Run on Xbox One

Redmond says Dell’s website has it wrong … but maybe not entirely wrong.

WhatsApp: We’re Not Selling to Google

WhatsApp exec says there’s no truth to acquisition rumors.

Mac Rumors

What really floats their bots, what hardens Apple’s resolve is designing, making, and selling large numbers of personal computers, from the traditional desktop/laptop Mac, to the genre-validating iPad, and on to the iPhone — the Very Personal Computer. Everything else is an ingredient, a booster, a means to the noblest end.

— From Jean-Louis Gassée, in a post entitled “The Next Apple TV: iWatch”

Apple’s Cook: Supply Chain Rumors Amount to Squat

“I’d recommend questioning the accuracy of any kind of rumor about build plans.”

News Byte

Twitter Debunks Rumors of Security Vulnerability

Twitter engineering manager and security chief Moxie Marlinspike denied reports that U.S. Twitter account holders are susceptible to an SMS-reliant hack where outsiders could post tweets to user accounts. After stories of the hack surfaced early in the week, Marlinspike pointed out that the vulnerability is only relevant to non-U.S. Twitter users, and was addressed in 2007.

Here Come the RIM-Samsung Rumors Again

Research In Motion’s best hope for recovery isn’t BlackBerry 10. It’s Samsung, says Jefferies analyst Peter Misek.

Yammer Acquisition Rumors Push Jive Shares Up

Rumors have a way of doing that. The sketchier the better.

Rumor Mill Ramps Up Production of Cheaper and Smaller iPads

An 8 gigabyte iPad 2, and a 7.85-inch iPad mini.

Never Mind! Cisco Still Totally Hearts Set-Top Boxes.

Another round of rumors that Cisco is out to sell its TV set-top box business gets slapped down.

Hello World (iPhone)