Meet IBM’s “Boy And His Atom,” Stars of the Smallest Movie Ever Made

An animated short made with individual atoms.

HP Negotiating Early End to San Jose Arena Naming Rights Deal

The deal to call it the HP Pavilion could end as soon as this summer. SAP is interested.


San Jose Airport Searches for Google Boost

Mineta San Jose International Airport has been losing commercial traffic and carrying a heavy debt burden, but a potential new revenue stream from jets owned by top Google Inc. executives and others could give the city-owned facility a lift.

News Byte

Samsung Confirms Four New Bay Area Offices

Samsung is in the process of building four — count ’em, four — new offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, though they are oddly scattered in four different towns all within a half-hour’s drive of each other. We have previously reported on the start-up incubator in Palo Alto; there’s also the 8.5-acre planned campus in Mountain View and a new strategy and innovation center in Menlo Park. And now comes the official announcement of a 1.1-million-square-foot sales and R&D headquarters north of downtown San Jose.

Valley Cred: Samsung Plans to Open New Start-Up Accelerator in Downtown Palo Alto

While it’s not quite Oppa Gangnam style, it is a big move for the Korean mobile and consumer electronics giant.

Apple’s Mini Pitch: Just as Good as an iPad, Better Than Everything Else

It’s like an iPad, only smaller. So, how will Tim Cook convince you to buy one?

At Home, Samsung Seen as Underdog

SEOUL — After a U.S. jury ruled that Samsung Electronics Co. copied ideas from Apple Inc. AAPL to make smartphones and tablet PCs, a different view was heard in Samsung’s home country.

Nextdoor, the Private Social Network, Hooks Up With the City of San Jose

As the major California city adopts a start-up social network’s communication-system tools, NextdDoor’s path to expansion widens.

Byte Me: Yahoo Files More Patent Claims Against Facebook

Our long social patent fight is not over.

DOJ, Tech Companies Settle Hiring Probe