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Yahoo Joins Roster of Sponsors for 49er’s New Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers and Yahoo said today they had signed a 10-year agreement that will make Yahoo “the exclusive online sports content, social networking, and photo and video sharing partner” for the team and its new Levi’s Stadium, set to open in 2014 in Santa Clara, Calif. The deal will, among other things, provide the purple portal a prime spot for a Fantasy Football Lounge and viewing area, and will encourage fans to upload photos to Flickr with the chance that they may show up on the stadium’s big screens during the game.

Sony’s Kazuo Hirai and the 49ers’ Jed York: The Full D11 Interview (Video)

The two execs talk about a new connected sports stadium at the D11 conference.

In Major Expansion, Kno Adds K-12 to Digital Education Platform (Video)

Tired of kids carrying home a backpack full of heavy books? Kno knows their pain.

With Yahoo Shares Dropping Below $15, Will Shareholder Patience Collapse Too?

Yahoo’s stock in on a downward slide again, just in time for its annual meeting next week. So, WWSD (What will shareholders do)?

Intel Capital, Condé Nast Owner Invest $30 Million in Kno; Intel to Consult on Student Tablet Hardware

According to sources close to the situation, Intel Capital and Advance Publications will lead a $30 million investment round in Kno, the high-profile student tablet start-up. In addition to the funding from its venture capital ark, Intel itself will license the hardware design of Kno, which will now focus on its software to manage the devices that are aimed at the college market.

Exclusive: Kno Student Tablet Start-Up in Talks to Sell Off Tablet Part of Its Business

Kno–the much-funded and high-profile Silicon Valley start-up aimed at making tablet computers focused at students–is considering selling off the entire hardware part of the business and is in talks with two major consumer electronics manufacturers to do so, according to sources close to the situation. But, if a deal is struck, the move would be a dramatic shift for the company, which has yet to ship significant numbers of the touchscreen device as it has long touted.

Four Arrested in Tech-Heavy Insider Trading Case

The defendants include employees at several tech firms, including Dell, Advanced Micro Devices, Taiwan Semiconductor, and Flextronics. All worked as consultants for a research firm.

Virtual Monday? How Holiday Shopping Has Included Intangibles.

Cyber Monday reached a record-breaking level this year with more than $1 billion dollars spent online, making it the heaviest U.S. online shopping day ever. And that includes the intangibles in our lives that you can’t touch or feel, and can’t ship in a box, like e-books and music and virtual goods.

Kno Prices Its Student Tablets at $599 and $899 to Ship by End of the Year

Kno, the high-profile Silicon Valley start-up trying to jump-start a market for tablets focused on students, announced tonight that it will have a limited number available by the end of the year for sale at prices of $599 and $899. The lower price is for its single-screen device, while the clamshell double-screen version is more expensive. Kno would not say exactly how many it has ordered for its first tablet production run–the device is being built by China’s Foxconn–but co-founder and CEO Osman Rashid said in an interview earlier today that units would number “in the thousands.”

Kno Hires Fancy CFO, as It Preps Tablet Launch (And Possible New Funding Search)

Kno, the Silicon Valley start-up attempting to make and market a student-aimed tablet and learning platform, has hired Stuart West as its new CFO. West has worked at Yahoo, InfoSpace, TiVo and J.P. Morgan. Kno is continuing to make key hires, as it prepares to ship the product by the end of the year, after recently raising another $46 million in funding to add to a $10 million round. It could, with West’s help now, be looking for even more investment.

Yahoo's Scott Moore Speaks!