“Better to Be Paranoid and Wrong” — SpaceX Thanksgiving Launch Scrubbed for a Few Days

Private space company’s founder tweets the terra-firma status of the new telecom satellite.


FCC Would End TV Sports Blackout Rule

Sports fans could find it easier to catch certain local games on television.


The Convergence Tipping Point

The convergence revolution is in its most disruptive phase in television.

Former Nokia Workers Aim to Make Android Seaworthy With Rugged New Phone

Helsinki-based Adaia is building a device, due out next year, that combines a rugged Android cellphone with a satellite connection for when one sails out of cellular range.

Interview: Bill Gates Talks About Tech Innovations for Vaccines Ahead of Global Confab

Solve this: One child every 20 seconds dies from a disease that could have been prevented by an existing vaccine.

Meet Charlie Ergen, the Guy Who Now Wants to Buy Sprint (Video)

Here’s the video of our interview of the Dish Network chairman at February’s D: Dive Into Media.

Aiming to One-Up SoftBank, Dish Offers $25.5 Billion to Buy Sprint Nextel

From the “never a dull moment in the wireless industry” department, the satellite firm counters SoftBank’s proposed deal.

Independent ISP Tries to Raise $325M on Indiegogo to Launch a Satellite (Kinda)

It’s certainly the largest online crowdfunding campaign I’ve ever seen.

Keeping Up With Sandy on Twitter

There’s a storm coming.