Nintendo Pulls Plug on Wii Vitality Sensor

RIP Wii Vitality Sensor, 2009 – 2013.

Nintendo’s Iwata Blames Slow Wii U Sales on Software Gaps, Says Mobile Isn’t Impacting Industry

And if you ever dreamed of playing Super Mario Bros. on the iPhone, you’re still out of luck.

With Miiverse Apps, Nintendo Will Finally Venture Onto Smartphones

A Miiverse social networking app will be the first app ever developed by the game maker.

Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console, Performance Improvements Coming This Spring

Nintendo also apologizes for the lack of games for the Wii U in first months of the new year.

Nintendo’s Wii U Tiptoes Between Hardcore and Family-Friendly

Can it pull off something that is a cross between Mario and a machine gun?

Nintendo Reveals a Wii Bit More About the Wii U

Pretty much the only two things left to say about the Wii U is when it will be launching and how much it will cost, but stay tuned for any last minute surprises from Nintendo’s E3 press conference.

Ubisoft Prepping Eight Wii U Titles, Including Exclusives Like Zombi U

Ubisoft is aggressively going after Nintendo’s new Wii U by publishing eight titles to coincide with the console’s launch sometime later this year.

Nintendo’s Wii U Embraces Social Networking (Video)

Nintendo President Saturo Iwata today provided a detailed overview of the company’s upcoming Wii U game console in an online video conference.

As Nintendo Fades, Zynga Continues to Grow

For years, the game industry has worried about the shift toward social and mobile from more traditional platforms. But now there’s more than anecdotal evidence to cause concern.

News Byte

Nintendo to Bring Online Game Network, NFC to New Wii

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors today that the Wii U, the company’s long-awaited successor to the Wii gaming console, will come equipped with NFC capabilities that will be used to transfer gaming data and will open the potential for micropayments through the gaming system. Satoru also said the company was readying an online game network for the Wii U system, citing lessons learned from the tepid launch of the 3DS.

Price Cut for PS3; Xbox 360 Ported to Wii

PS3, Xbox, Wii and…iPhone?