With New Privacy Changes, Facebook Inches Toward Being the One True Social Network

New tweaks in Facebook’s privacy settings aim at a better user experience — and less need to go anywhere else on the social Web.

The @facebook Email Switch: Another Nudge Toward a Facebook Communications System

An email tweak reminds us of Facebook’s future communications ambitions.

Two Slim Digital Cameras Worth Considering – Even With Your Smartphone

The Sony Cyber-shot TX66 and Canon PowerShot Elph 520 pack lots of features into small bodies.

Yahoo Sues Facebook for Patent Infringement, Which Social Network Calls “Puzzling” (Including Filing)

In what is either the boldest gamble of its history or the most boneheaded, Yahoo has filed a massive legal attack against the powerful social networking giant for intellectual property violations.

Microsoft: Google Bypasses Privacy Settings in Internet Explorer, Too

A few days after a Wall Street Journal report said Google was bypassing privacy settings in Safari to track users, Microsoft is alleging that the search giant is doing the same thing with Internet Explorer.

Is Larry Page the Consummate Anti-Social CEO?

Google’s new CEO isn’t much for the social Web. If he has a presence on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn it was created with deep privacy settings or a fake name. I couldn’t even find a fleshed-out Google profile for Larry Page.

New Facebook Profiles Susceptible to Pranks

As part of the new Facebook profile page redesign, users can now have a strip of the five most recently tagged photos of them running under their basic information. Some are having fun with this option, pranking each other to show inappropriate pictures and silly sequences of words.


House Committee Asks Professor to Censor Facebook Remarks

In an unusual move, the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection asked a Columbia University Law School professor to censor his remarks in a hearing about online privacy legislation. “We as members of Congress are never inclined to censor testimony in open congressional hearings,” Rep. Zachary Space, an Ohio Democrat, said when introducing the professor, Eben Moglen. “But Congress tries to foster highest level of decorum. I would ask you to avoid personal attacks against any companies or company employees.”

New Nook Brings a Little Color to E-Reading

If you love reading and want smart ways to share your books with friends or reading updates with social networks, the Nook Color has you covered.

Path: The Social App That's Not Viral (By Design)

While there are many interesting photo-sharing apps out these days, Dave Morin and Path are the most convincing about there being a larger idea behind what they’re doing. San Francisco-based Path is stubbornly focused on close personal connections–a.k.a. real friends.