Ahead of July Filing, Twitter IPO Designed as “Less Anti-Facebook Than Anti-Old-Twitter”

The bird has grown up and is finally ready to fly on its own.

Yahoo’s Shareholder Meeting, Inbox Therapy and More: ATD’s Week in Video

Watch ATD staff do the rounds on the media circuit this week — talking all things digital, of course.

Yahoo Offer to Buy Contact Startup Xobni Is at a Price of $30M to $40M

Yahoo’s new HR rule: If you can’t hire them, buy their company.


Google Settles Sharehold Suit Over Non-Voting Stock

Google Inc. said its board has approved the terms of a proposed settlement with shareholders who have sued the search-giant in a bid to block its plan to issue a new type of stock that carries no voting rights.


Clearwire Shareholders to Press for Higher Buyout

The four shareholders intend to act as a group in discussions with Sprint as well as other interested parties, including Dish.


Dell Board Defends Actions, Looked at Breakup and Leveraged Recap

Dell Inc.’s board of directors, facing steady criticism from shareholders, defended its actions in selling the company to founder Michael Dell in a statement Wednesday.

Ahead of Apple Proxy Fight Explainer, ATD Late-Night Chat With Greenlight’s Einhorn

It’s time to end the day with a little midnight interview with famous hedge fund dude.


Greenlight Urges Judge to Block Vote on Apple Proposal

Greenlight Capital Inc. urged a federal judge Tuesday to block a coming vote on an Apple Inc. shareholder proposal, accusing the technology giant of forcing Greenlight to vote against its own interests by lumping differing proposals into one.


T. Rowe Price Opposes Dell Buyout

T. Rowe Price Group Inc., one of Dell Inc.’s largest investors, said Tuesday it won’t support Michael Dell’s proposal to take the computer maker private at the current offer price.


Apple To Respond to Greenlight Suit by Wednesday

The walk-up to Apple’s Feb. 27 shareholder meeting got more interesting last week when shareholder Greenlight Capital sued the company over its proxy as part of an effort to get Apple to return more cash to shareholders.

Apple in Talks With Greenlight Over Cash