How Bad Is the PC Market? Analysts Count the Ways.

A long list.

HP’s Moonshot Gives Analysts a Case of the “Mehs”

Good, but not enough. Yet.

HTC Deal Brings Apple Profit and Maybe a Blueprint for Other Android Manufacturers

Something like $6 to $8 per smartphone sounds about right.

Analysts Like Cisco Again After Earnings Beat

Not terrible is still not great.

Analysts See Turnaround Under Way at HP, Stay Positive

After disclosing combined charges of $9 billion and the biggest loss in the company’s history, is there still a reason to be positive on Hewlett-Packard?

Apple Earnings: A Basic Beat or a Blowout?

Wall Street expectations for Apple earnings are seldom high enough, but for the company’s third-quarter results, which it posts after market close today, they seem particularly tame.

Dell Shareholders Like Dividend Plan, Analysts Not So Much

Thirty-two cents a year plus a promise to cut costs buys a surging share price. Analysts are unconvinced.

Apple’s Earnings Should Ease Any Investor Worries

Will Apple blow it or blow it out? It’s wiser to bet on the latter.

RIM’s Progress Weighed Down by Dusty BlackBerry Portfolio

Tracking toward the lower end of its own guidance.

Downgrades Aplenty for Dell After Earnings Miss

After a big miss at Dell, analysts pile on with downgrades.

RIM Blindsided by Kindle Fire Pricing

RIM: Call in the Bear Cavalry

Sell Me an iPhone, Siri

Research In Motion on the Rebound

Does Tim Cook Need His Own Tim Cook?