TV Is Changing Before Our Eyes

I believe we live in a show-based world, and that shows delivered over IP allow for the slow unbundling of television.

Comcast Bringing Live TV to Your iPad (In Your House)

Here’s a logical, and cool, marriage between your iPad and your TV, brokered by your cable guy–with some strings attached.

Does the FCC Want to Kill Hulu?

If Washington forces Comcast/NBC to offer NBC shows to anyone on the Web, what happens to Hulu’s exclusive deal to offer NBC shows on the Web?

Apple to Dominate Tablet Market Until 2012–At Least

In 2011 tablet revenues will rise to $24.9 billion, and by 2012 they’ll reach $34.1 billion. And Apple will claim the lion’s share of both, according to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz.

Netflix Adds More Disney/ABC Shows–But Not the Ones You Missed Last Night

A familiar trade for Netflix: It gets more content for its Web streaming service, but agrees to wait longer to show off some of it. Want to watch TV shows that ran yesterday? Go somewhere else.

Google’s 42nd Acquisition of the Year: Widevine

Back in January, Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicted the company would make one acquisition a month. Now with the year nearly finished, the company has made 41, including Phonetic Arts, announced today–more than half of significant size. And Google’s clearly not through yet. The company just announced the acqusition of video optimization outfit Widevine for an undisclosed price.

Cablevision Complains (Very Quietly) About News Corp.'s Web Blackout

The move to shut down Fox.com and close off part of Hulu to the cable system’s customers was “unprecedented and anti-consumer.” So why not holler loudly?

News Corp. Shuts Off Hulu Access to Cablevision Customers–And Turns It Back On [UPDATED]

One new twist in the Cablevision-News Corp. fight: News Corp. cut off Cablevision subscribers’ access to its shows on Hulu, as well as its own Fox.com. And now it’s turning it back on again.

Hulu's "Modern Family" Problem

“Modern Family” used to be available on Hulu, and then it went away. Now the hit show is back–but not all the way. It’s a digital rights mess that is all too common, and it’s a particular problem for the video site.

Hulu’s Subscription Service Could Come Next Week–For Some of You

Some of you may finally get a chance to pay for Hulu. The video Web site is finalizing plans to launch its subscription service, and people familiar with the company say a beta test of “Hulu Plus” could launch as early as next week. If you’re in a select group, that is. One person familiar with the joint venture says the initial test could be limited to 10,000 people.

Apple to Test Dollar TV Show Downloads

Stern Ditching Sirius for Terrestrial?