Viral Video: Edel-Dooneese (Kristen Wiig’s Creepy, Tiny-Handed Genius)

The hill are alive with radioactivity.

“Luminary” Access Site IfOnly Officially Launches With $3M in Funding From Tech Luminaries

Delivering the A-List to the masses?

Viral Video: SNL’s Classic Adele-icious “Someone Like You” Skit

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead. But sometimes it’s funny.

Viral Video: 15-Year-Old Korean Girl Channels Adele

Just: Wow.

Viral Video: Miley Cyrus Is Occupying Wall Street (With a Remix)

The 1% supports the 99%.

Viral Video: Tay Zonday Explains the Econ-O-May

“Mama Economy” explains it all for you. And you will not feel comforted.

Viral Video: The Mini-Warbler Steals the Movie

The best part of the not-so-successful “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” is this mini-Warbler, who sings his little heart out.

Myspace: A Cautionary Tale or Just a Basic Belly Flop?

That had to hurt.

Viral Video: Timberlake Goes From Sean Parker to Myspace to Time Thief

The upcoming movie from Justin Timberlake — who starred in “The Social Network” playing hyperactive entrepreneur Sean Parker and who recently was part of a group that bought Myspace — is also techtastic.

Viral Video: Love Your Flawz

Video Condolences to the Hudson Family