Take a Trip Down Music-Startup Memory Lane. Don’t Trip on All the Craters.

RIP, just about every digital music startup that existed in 2007.


Sirius Profit Rises on Subscriber Growth

Sirius XM Radio Inc.’s fourth-quarter earnings more than doubled as the satellite-radio operator benefited from continued subscriber growth and lower churn, or subscriber turnover.

The Spotify Effect Shows Up: Streaming Music Boosts Warner’s Bottom Line

Good news for the music labels, who have been waiting for a new digital revenue source to materialize.

News Byte

Howard Stern’s Google TV Butt Bongo Fiesta?

Howard Stern saved Sirius XM Radio from near oblivion. Can he do the same for Google TV, the search giant’s disappointing smart-TV platform? That’s its hope. Google has inked a deal with Sirius XM that will make all of the satellite radio provider’s programming available on Google TV, King of All Media included. The agreement, which was first reported by Reuters, is expected to be announced at Google’s I/O developers conference today.

Sirius: Don’t Fret About the Subscriber Shortfall

That forecast for 1.6 million net adds still holds.

Spotify’s U.S. Score So Far: 1.4 Million Users, 175,000 Paying Customers

The streaming music service has been open in the U.S. for less than a month, but already has lots people taking a test-run. Some of them are even paying up.

Sirius Stiffs Stern; Stern Sues Sirius

Last December Howard Stern quelled concerns that he might leave SiriusXM Radio by signing a new five-year contract. Now, just three months later, he’s suing the new company, claiming it bilked him out of the performance-based stock awards promised to him by the old one.

QOTD: Howard Stern's Twitter Love Has Already Soured. Or Maybe Not!

“I’m so over Twitter… it’s too much contact with the fans.”

— Twitter late-bloomer Howard Stern telling his Sirius listeners why he’s already tired of the service after less than a month, via Jim Romenesko. While this may disappoint Twitter executives who were praising Stern’s live-tweeting experiment just a few weeks ago, it’s worth noting that the radio pioneer was still playing with the service this morning, presumably after he had groused about it on-air.

A Loss for Sirius

So much for that new 52-week high Sirius XM Radio hit on the eve of its fourth-quarter earnings Monday. Shares of the satellite-radio operator slid nearly 8 percent this morning, after it posted an unexpected loss.

Auto Sales Increase Bodes Well for Sirius

Looks like Sirius XM’s run of good luck will continue well into the new year. New-vehicle retail sales data from J.D. Power and Associates suggests an increase in consumer demand for new cars. And for Sirius that means continued subsciber growth–perhaps even significant subscriber growth.

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