No Cheap Shots With This $300 Bluetooth Basketball

The future of basketball looks pretty high-tech. (You still have to practice.)
InfoMotion Basketball

Yves Behar’s “Smart” Lock Startup August Raises $8 Million

Open sez-VCs.

Livescribe 3, Jot Script and Pencil: Three “Smart” Pens for the Tablet Era

These iPad pens — and pencil — are bringing sexy back to styluses.

With New Chips, Intel Aims for the “Internet of Things”

The hardware giant reveals more details on a smaller, low-power series of chips for a more connected age.

Canary’s “Smart” Smoke Detector Alerts Your Smartphone When Things Get Hairy at Home

Kind of makes your tweeting fridge seem silly, no?

With August, Yves Behar Brings Fine Design to a “Smart” Door Lock

August says it’s offering the first truly “hands-free” solution to unlocking your front door.

Weighing In on Wi-Fi Scales

Can these high-tech scales help you keep those New Year’s resolutions?

Shocker! Another Smart Watch — This Time, Casio’s G-Shock.

The Bluetooth-equipped Casio is watch first, “smart” watch second.

Smart Hub Could Be Smarter When It Comes to Streaming DVDs

A great solution for wirelessly streaming DVDs to your iPad — but setting it up is a headache.

Mozilla’s HTML5 Phone Project, Now Christened Firefox OS, Signs Sprint and Other Carriers

Mozilla gets affirmation from more carriers in its efforts to develop an open HTML5 platform for smartphones.

CES Hangover: What You Might Have Missed

Does This Handset Make Me Look Smart?