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Not the Singles Lady — Apple Says BeyoncĂ© Album Breaks Record

Apple said the new self-titled album from music superstar Beyoncé had sold 828,773 copies since it was released exclusively by the iTunes Store three days ago. The company said that made it the fastest-selling album ever on the music-selling site. U.S. album sales totaled 617,213 for a work that included 14 new songs and 17 videos.

Viral Video: A Holiday Song Medley That Isn’t Annoying

Genius: “You made me cook a Butterball/And then a green-bean casserole/And all you did was sit and watch football/And ignore all of your family.”

Viral Video: Daft Punk Rocking Out on Rosh Hashanah

We’re up all night to have fun.

Viral Video: “Lucky Ones” Tech Mashup for Hurricane Sandy

Sing it, Silicon Valley.

Viral Video: Samuel L. Jackson Channels Taylor Swift (Oh, Goody)

We are never ever going to stop laughing.

Viral Video: Rolling First Round Style? Call Them Maybe.

Here’s the annual video lunacy from First Round Capital, which is always fun to watch, especially if it’s super awkward to see venture capitalists cavorting. Mission accomplished!

Viral Video: “Grease” Reunion Is the One That You Don’t Want

I got no thrills and they are definitely not multiplying.

QOTD: Yahoo Agitator Dan Loeb’s School of Capitalist Rock

When I was in college I liked this Elvis Costello song, ‘What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?’ I think today we need a new song, ‘What’s So Funny About Individual Freedom, Free Enterprise and Accountability?’

— Yahoo activist shareholder Dan Loeb of Third Point, in a speech after receiving the Columbia University 2012 John Jay Award for Distinguished Professional Achievement

Video Meme: Hallelujah for Flash Mobs!