Content Gains Allow Demand Media to Beat Wall Street Expectations on Q1 Earnings and Revenue

Strong performance of media properties added to the results.

Time Warner Dumps Time Inc., and Wall Street Loves It

Even if the Meredith deal doesn’t go through — and it should — Jeff Bewkes is out of the magazine business. Investors are partying like it’s 2007.

They Shoot Yahoo CEOs, Don’t They? But Not Without a Really Smoking Gun and a Much Stronger Board.

While many across the blogosphere — including some very clever tweets — called for the head of Scott Thompson tout de suite, that’s just not going to happen. At least for now. And here’s why.

TripAdvisor Dips Lower on First Day of Trading

TripAdvisor, which has collected more than 50 million reviews from travelers around the world, is facing a critique of its own on its first day trading on the Nasdaq.

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Expedia and TripAdvisor’s Breakup Is Now Official

As planned, Expedia has formally concluded the spinoff of TripAdvisor today. Expedia shareholders will receive one share of TripAdvisor and one share of Expedia for every two shares of Expedia stock held prior to the split. Tomorrow, TripAdvisor will trade on the Nasdaq under the symbol TRIP, and Expedia will continue to trade under EXPE.

Expedia Takes Stock as TripAdvisor Gets Ready to Fly the Coop

Now that Expedia’s spinoff of TripAdvisor is imminent, the hard work begins to give investors a reason to stick with the online travel agency once its high-flying media business is gone.

Spinning Off HP’s PC Business Could Have Worked … Couldn’t It?

By hiving off its PC arm, HP might actually have created some value.

With HP’s Raising of the World’s Biggest White Flag, Will Jon Rubinstein and Todd Bradley Surrender Too?

Key webOS execs Todd Bradley and Jon Rubinstein were left out of the loop on HP’s dramatic departure from the consumer space this week. So, will they stay or will they go now?

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Motorola Adds Streaming Content Start-Up to Its Playlist

Motorola announced Wednesday that it is scooping up Zecter, maker of the cloud-based ZumoDrive and ZumoCast services. The technologies use a virtual file system to make cloud-stored content accessible as if it were stored on the device itself. As part of the deal, terms of which were not disclosed, Motorola said it will halt distribution of ZumoCast while it updates the software. Current customers can keep using the service. ZumoDrive distribution and use won’t be disrupted, Motorola said. The acquisition will become part of Motorola Mobility. (For those who have forgotten, Motorola is in the process of splitting itself in two, with Motorola Mobility being the cellphone-making unit.)

Motorola Split Set for Jan. 4