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Steve Chen is one-half of the YouTube guys, who were acquired by the Google guys for $1.65 billion this past year, even though the company was only founded in 2005. As chief technology officer, he was trying to provide a more simple way to share videos online and his efforts took off in a viral explosion. He oversees all areas of both engi- neering and product development for YouTube, including managing site operations and developing features and services. He will also have to fend off attacks from powerful media companies, who are aiming at YouTube's technology because of copyright infringement issues, even as they try to take advantage of its powerful growth. Before YouTube, Mr. Chen was one of the first product engineers at PayPal. He studied computer science at the University of Illinois.

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YouTube Founders’ Next Act: MixBit

Two of YouTube’s founders are wading back into familiar territory.

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Barry Diller and Steve Chen Back the ZuckerPAC, the political action group founded by Mark Zuckerberg, announced Friday that IAC chief Barry Diller and YouTube co-founder Steve Chen are now supporters of the group. aims to help spur change in immigration reform with its D.C. lobbying efforts — which recently came under scrutiny and resulted in the departures of former supporters Elon Musk and David Sacks.

Ambitious Startup Wish Aims to Outsmart the Business of Online Shopping

A young startup wants to create a Google-ified version of Amazon.

YouTube Co-Founders Hit Up Google Ventures and NEA for AVOS Series A

If there’s one thing the co-founders of YouTube don’t need, it’s money.

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Asia-to-U.S. Video Site DramaFever Raises $4.5 Million

DramaFever, a site that specializes in bringing Asian videos to English language speakers, has raised a $4.5 million B round led by MK Capital, along with angel investors including YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. DramaFever, which says it attracts 1.5 million unique visitors a month, offers ad-supported clips as well as an ad-free subscription version. Last year, it raised $1.5 million in seed funding.

Spool Raises Funding to Help You Take the Web Offline

Spool, which offers a nifty service for saving Web videos and articles for later viewing offline on mobile devices, has raised $1 million.

Delicious Struggles Through Relaunch Under New Ownership

Here’s the problem with buying something people love: They don’t love when you change it.

Delicious Relaunches: Exclusive Q&A With CEO Chad Hurley

The new Delicious is ready for its relaunch, with redone infrastructure and a new playlist feature inspired by YouTube. We get Chad Hurley to explain.

New Delicious Sounds Much Like the Old Delicious, But Newer

YouTube co-founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley are busy revamping Delicious, looking to “mainstream the product” so that many more people will be enticed to bookmark and tag Web sites.

YouTube Is Six Years Old and Huge: Three Billion Views a Day

And users are now uploading two days worth of video to the site every minute. That’s up 100 percent in the last year.

Hearsay Brings Compliance to Social Media

Google to Leave China by April 10?

What, Otellini Worry?