Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Talks About Hurricane Sandy’s Impact on NYC Start-Ups (Video)

There was a storm in New York, in case you hadn’t heard.

NYC Late-Night Hosts’ Audience-Free Monologues, Courtesy of Sandy

Don’t everyone laugh at once.

Investor Reaction to CEO Tim Cook’s Dramatic Management Upheaval at Apple Will Be Delayed by Sandy

Answering the question, “Did Forstall jump, or was he pushed?” will have to wait out the storm. (But we think pushed.)

Sandy Is Also a Perfect Digital Storm — Google Cancels NYC Android Event

Everyone remain calm — Android guru Andy Rubin is still set to be onstage at D: Dive Into Mobile on Monday afternoon.

Weekend Lightning Stung Amazon and Instagram Right Where It Hurts

Also? Instagram apparently wants to forget it ever happened.

Verizon’s Cure for CrackBerry Addiction: Android

Another handful of worrisome data points for Research in Motion, which appears to be slipping down carriers’ priority lists as the BlackBerry struggles for purchase in an increasingly sophisticated market. New Verizon sales metrics from ITG Investment Research analyst Matthew Goodman paint a picture of RIM that, while not yet dire, describe a worrisome trend.

For RIM, 2011 Hopefully a Lot Better Than 2010

2010 was a difficult year for Reasearch in Motion, one marked by slowing momentum and ebbing market share. But next year promises to be different. Because in 2011 RIM will be more on point than it has been in the past.

BlackBerry Torch: Quest for Fire

Good thing the success of Research in Motion’s new BlackBerry Torch hinges more on volume sales to enterprise than lines-around-the-block launch-week pandemonium, because the latter is evidently nowhere to be found.


New BlackBerry Software Not Friendly With Older Touchscreens

BlackBerry introduced a new operating system Tuesday that is designed to work better with touchscreens, which are increasingly popular on smartphones. But in the list of older phones compatible with this touchscreen-friendly system, two devices are conspicuously absent: BlackBerry’s own older touchscreen phones.

BlackBerry Storm: Press and Be Depressed?

Goodbye BlackBerry (and Hello iFart App?)