Breaking News Takes a New Approach to the Personalized News Feed — A News Feed That’s Only Partly Personalized

NBC’s popular Twitter handle takes on the filter bubble.

Twitter’s Third Act: A New Design to Court the Mainstream

The company plans a massive overhaul of its mobile applications, an effort to attract new users while keeping the existing ones happy.

Pandora's Music Fees Are Huge! And Not That Bad.

The Internet radio service is handing over half of every dollar it brings into the music industry. But things could be a lot worse. And the royalty system that taxes Pandora also allows it to thrive.

Big Media Tells Big Media That Hulu Is Hurting Big Media

“Modern Family” is a hit online, but that popularity may hurt its value down the road.

AOL Boasts About Its Supersized Video Offering, and Puts Ran Harnevo in Charge

A couple of months ago AOL laid out $65 million for video distributor 5Min Media. What did it get for its money? A lot of video! And a new executive, too.

Goodbye, Free TV on Your iPad. For Now…

The only surprise here is that it took this long: A federal court has put the kibosh on FilmOn, a Web site that served up programming from broadcast TV networks for free, without their permission.

Twitter Partner Gnip Raises $2M for Social Media Monitoring Data

Gnip, which helps social media monitoring companies collect data, and yesterday became the first company authorized to resell Twitter data, has raised $2 million in funding.

How to Watch Free, Live Broadcast TV on Your iPad, Right Now

The broadcast networks only put their stuff on the Web under very specific conditions. So this is exactly what they don’t want: Free, live streams of their stuff delivered to your iPad, via the browser.

Another Cable Company Shows You How to Live Without Cable

Cablevision would very much like its three million cable TV subscribers to keep subscribing. But while it fights with Fox over programming fees, it’s going to show its customers how to live without cable. Today’s lesson: How to get legal streams of the World Series over the Web.

News Corp. Vs. Cablevision = Another Installment of "How to Cut Your Cord"

If the two sides don’t settle soon, Cablevision customers won’t get tonight’s great Phillies-Giants matchup via their cable box. But a credit card and a computer will let them watch a live stream, anyway.

Hulu: We’re Profitable, Booming

Did Web Video Just Stall?

CNET Boss Joe Gillespie Has Left the Building