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Wi-Fi Sniffing Probably Qualifies as Wiretapping, Appeals Court Tells Google

Google today lost an appeal of its long-running “Wi-Spy” case, in which its Street View cars slurped up data from open Wi-Fi networks. But even some people unaffiliated with the company — which was wrong, very wrong in the first place and has admitted as such — are unhappy with the ruling, as it judged open Wi-Fi networks not to be a “radio communication” or “readily accessible to the general public,” so therefore they fall under the U.S. Wiretap Act. Google had sought to dismiss wiretap claims as part of a broader class action suit, and a spokesperson said the company is considering its next steps.


U.K. Orders Google to Delete Data

A U.K. regulator has ordered Internet search giant Google Inc. to delete Internet user data or face criminal proceedings.


German City of Hamburg Fines Google Over Street View Service

The commissioner for data protection of the German city of Hamburg said Monday he has fined Google Inc. for violating privacy law when collecting data for its Street View service.

Google Settles With 38 States Over Street View Privacy (Like We Said)

Each state gets $192,000.

Google to Pay $7M to Settle Wi-Spy Case With More Than 30 U.S. Attorneys General

Google will soon settle with the attorneys general representing more than 30 U.S. states over its Street View cars collecting data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Google Maps to Add Street View for Mobile Web (Hey There, iOS Users!)

iOS users can now resume stalking addresses around the world from the comfort of their mobile devices.

Google Moves Ahead in Fight to Dominate the Map Apps

Apple has been taking heat for its replacement of Google Maps on the iPhone with a flawed maps app of its own. This flub has been a gift to Google, which has improved its already-solid maps app.

More Countries Tell Google: We’d Also Like Our Undeleted Street View Data, Thanks

Expect a string of requests.

Google: About That Wi-Fi Payload Data We Said We Had Deleted …

Google today admitted it had found that it still has within its possession user data from around the world that had been captured by its Street View cars.

U.K. Regulators Double Down on Google Street View Probe

The U.K.’s Information Commissioner Office is no longer certain Google’s collection of personal data via its Street View cars is quite the simple mistake the company claims.