Justin Kitch Talks About His New Learning Platform, Curious (Video)

Are you curious about Curious?


Are Smartphones Turning Us Into Bad Samaritans?

In late September, on a crowded commuter train in San Francisco, a man shot and killed 20-year-old student Justin Valdez.


Online Class Aims to Earn Millions

Two University of Texas at Austin professors this week launched their introductory psychology class from a makeshift studio, with a goal of eventually enrolling 10,000 students at $550 a pop and bringing home millions for the school.


Two Dead in San Francisco Plane Crash

Two 16-year-old Chinese girls were identified as the passengers killed in Saturday’s airliner crash in San Francisco.

YouVisit Brings College Campuses to You

Walk through the ivy-covered buildings — virtually.

Former Homestead Founder Returns to SV Curious — And With $7.5 Million in Funding

Justin Kitch is back with Curious, a lifelong learning startup aimed at connecting teachers and students on “subjects as varied as salsa dancing, integral solving, pipe soldering … and knife sharpening.”

Sites Target Helping College Grads With Empty Pockets

A pair of new startups — Tuition.io and Pave.com — are trying to find ways to profit off the potential success of college grads who need help starting out.

WolframAlpha’s Stephen Wolfram Talks About New Paid Knowledge Engine (Video)

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Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt Joins Kno Board

The online education start-up grabs a new director.

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