A New Worm Proves That the Internet of Things Is Vulnerable to Attack

Not worried about your Internet-connected toaster? Okay, how about your security camera?

Apprenda, Helping Big Companies Embrace the Cloud, Lands $16 Million

Old enterprise apps made new with a dose of cloud magic.

FireEye Takes Off as Shares Rise 80 Percent in IPO Debut

A company with a new spin on security opens for trading.

News Byte

Symantec Nominates Two New Directors

Security outfit Symantec said today that it would put two new board nominees before shareholders at its annual meeting on Oct. 22: Major General Suzanne Vautrinot, soon to retire as head of the Air Force component of the U.S. Cyber Command, and Anita Sands, who will be leaving UBS Wealth Management Americas after serving in several top positions.

Amid Corporate Reorganization, Symantec Names Five New Execs

After two months of cuts, adding to the executive ranks.

Symantec Cutting up to 1,700 Jobs as Early as Today

New CEO Steve Bennett has instituted a company-wide reorganization. Cuts are expected to hit middle management hard.

Computer Security Legend Mudge Leaves DARPA for Google Job

DARPA’s super hacker takes an unspecified job at the search giant.

Obama’s Cybersecurity Order Aims for a Restart With Congress

The president talked about attacks on computer networks in his State of the Union speech, too.

Backupify Has Google Apps’ Back With New Enterprise Update

An update to a service that backs up those items in Google Apps, just in case.