No Cheap Shots With This $300 Bluetooth Basketball

The future of basketball looks pretty high-tech. (You still have to practice.)

New Media

I think there is always a space for both. Whenever there’s a new form of media we always think it’s going to replace the old thing and it never does. We still have radio, however long after TV was introduced.

Matt Mullenweg, on old media being displaced by new media, from an interview with Martin Nisenholtz

Please Welcome More Terrible Tech Terms to the Oxford Dictionary

Other cringe-worthy additions include cake pops, jorts and “food baby.” Yes, really.

Digital Detox

Why won’t life slow down and be still? Why can’t I figure it all out? And also my phone is making noises while I’m trying to think.

Alexis C. Madrigal, at a digital detox

I, Robot

It’s one of the dirty secrets of economics: technology progress does grow the economy and create wealth, but there is no economic law that says everyone will benefit.

Erik Brynjolfsson, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, who theorizes that advances in computer technology, like advanced robotics, are behind the post-2000 employment slowdown, and that technology is destroying jobs faster than it can create them

News Byte

“Nerd Circus” Steam Carnival Reaches $100,000 Kickstarter Goal

Steam Carnival, the STEM-plus-art educational circus that performed earlier this week at D11, has met its $100,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter. The carnival’s creators, Two Bit Circus, officially announced the news in a message thanking their Kickstarter backers. At the time of this writing, 1,033 backers had pledged $100,901 with 55 hours left for pledges.

Steam Carnival Is One Big Traveling Nerd Circus. Here’s Why You Should Go (Video)

The minds behind Steam Carnival bring some of the fun onstage at D conference.


10 Million Jobs in 10 Years

“10 for 10” proposes that the government join forces with the American business and entrepreneurship community to create 10 million new U.S. jobs in the next 10 years.

As BlackBerry 10 Launches, a Look at the Big Tech Shifts That Made It (And Those That Didn’t)

Apple has managed to shift its underlying technology several times, including moves to a Unix core and to Intel chips. But others, such as Palm, have seen reinvention efforts fail.

Exclusive: Is Andrew Mason on the Bubble as CEO of Groupon?

Is a boardroom showdown looming for the troubled daily deals company and its affable co-founder?

What Kind of Digital Consumer Are You?