Facebook’s Q3: Marketers Love Us — Teens, Slightly Less So

We’ll cover the Facebook execs as they take a victory lap on a big quarterly beat.

Facebook Aims to Court Teens With More Public Posting Options

It’s yet another in a series of moves for Facebook to create a more public-facing network.

Teens Actually Care About Their Mobile Privacy

When it comes to mobile apps, your kids may be more sensible than you think.

Nancy Lublin on Tackling That Toughest of Emerging Markets: Teenagers (Video)

Try texting, not email. That’s just one of many things the “chief old person” at DoSomething.org has learned about how to reach the next generation.

The Kids Love Twitter; Facebook, Not So Much

Teens want a drama-free social network. Twitter looks to be that network.

Facebook Hooks Up With Attorneys General for Teen Profile Privacy Awareness

Profile privacy setting: High.

iPad, iPhone Popular Among Teens With Rich Parents

Apple firms up its grip on America’s youth.

Condé Nast’s Fashion Hazard Challenges What Games Should Look Like for Girls

Unlike other girly games that focus on playing dress-up, this game requires players to swipe, tilt and tap their phones to dodge obstacles on the runway, including hissing snakes.

Don’t Trust Any Social Network Over 30

Teens aren’t giving up on Facebook, but they’re treating it the same way the gainfully employed treat LinkedIn.

— Writer Dave Williams, in an Ad Age post about whether teens may prefer Twitter to Facebook

Daddy, I Want an iPhone NOW!