Twitch Takes Up Cat Herding With Ban on PlayStation 4’s Playroom

Banning users who broke the rules, and delisting their game of choice worked — once. But what happens when this happens again? And again?
cat herder

Facebook Photo Phenom Instagram Gets a Business Lead to Scale Its Operations (and Presumably Revenue)

Is it time to make some dough from the billion-dollar deal?

News Byte

Facebook, Instagram Asks Some Users to Upload Photo IDs

Instagram is asking some users to upload photos of their government-issued identification cards — and in some cases, birth certificates — according to a report from Talking Points Memo. Facebook said the requests come in cases of certain terms of service violations, according to TPM, though refused to elucidate further.


Hold It: Instagram’s Users Drop, but Terms of Service Mishap May Not Be to Blame

There are reports around the Web today that Instagram has lost around 25 percent of its daily active users connected to Facebook, according to an app-tracking firm AppData.

Happy Holidays, Instagram! Here, Have a Class-Action Lawsuit.

And a happy new year!

Instagram Walks Back Ad Language, but Leaves the Door Open

Back to the drawing board. But do remember to look at the original drawing board – it had plenty of white space.

Instagram Backpedaling on New Privacy Rules to Quiet Angry Mob

Put down the pitch forks, Instagram says it will change some wording before the new terms go into effect in 30 days.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Wedding Photographer Is Not Pleased With Mark Zuckerberg

“You can not take those things from me for free.”

Facebook Wants Game Makers to Develop for Its Platform — Or Else

Two new policies going into effect today are making it a lot less convenient for game developers to leave Facebook.

Facebook’s New Terms: Treat Zynga Like Most Other Game Developers

Things just got a whole lot less complicated between the two companies.

YouTube Says Popcorn Hour Is Over

AT&T: We Crippled SlingPlayer TV App