An Unopened Letter to Jeff Bezos: “The Daily Show” Explains How to Save Newspapers

“Newspapers thought that people want to pay money, for information. But we now know from the Internet that what they really want is their own opinions fed back to them, for free.”
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The Daily Show’s John Oliver Begs LinkedIn to Let Him Unsubscribe

“I don’t even understand what you do.”

Viral Video: School’s Out for the Summer for Jon Stewart

Ready for pens down pants?

Jon Stewart on Tim Cook’s Less-Than-Taxing Senate Reception

“Who are those people? What is the opposite of a Genius Bar?”

Amazon Kills Zombies, Keeps John Goodman as It Plans First Season of Web Series

Amazon starts ordering its first set of TV series. It says you helped them decide.

Jon Stewart Solves Vine’s Porn Problem

(Spoiler: Not really a problem.)

Amazon Looks for Its “Seinfeld,” and Asks for Your Help

Here are Jeff Bezos’s first six attempts to create a sitcom. He’s getting help from The Onion, “The Daily Show” veterans, Doonesbury’s creator, and you, the Web video viewer.

Nate Silver’s Victory Tour Stops at Jon Stewart’s Desk

Alas, he is sober here.

Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly, Live on the Web: Pretty Good, if You Could See It

Excellent content. Crummy technology. Maybe we’re not ready for the live Web video era, after all.

Jon Stewart Finds the Humor in the FCC Fining Google (Video)

In Jon Stewart’s words, this week the FCC fined Google “less than you would get for a particularly flashy NFL touchdown dance.”

Jon Stewart and Siri Debate Foxconn