QOTD: Nonsense

Right now, The Onion doesn’t make a lot of sense. They have to rethink what they’re doing because nobody — especially the younger audience — knows the structure of how news articles are written because they don’t read newspapers.

Tim Keck, co-founder of The Onion and founder of The Stranger, speaking at the Seattle Interactive Conference Monday morning

Upworthy Raises $8 Million for Clickbait With a Mission

What if BuzzFeed had a political agenda? Upworthy does, and it’s doing well.

Twitter Feed of Thomson Reuters Is Latest Victim of Syrian Hackers

Another major media company sees its Twitter feed targeted.

Area Man Can’t Read Print Edition of Parody Newspaper

“It’s sad to hear but of course it makes sense. [The] Onion in print is a parody of daily newspapers and college students don’t read daily newspapers anymore.

— Onion co-founder Tim Keck, responding to news that the paper he helped start when he was a student at the University of Wisconsin will shut down its print edition in Madison, Wis.

The Onion, Yahoo-Hulu and Android on Windows — 10 Things You Need to See on AllThingsD This Week

A convenient roundup of the Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week.

Why The Onion Is Awesome for Publishing Details of Its Twitter Hack

Details of hacking attacks are too often kept secret.

Syrian Hackers Turn Tables, Hack The Onion’s Twitter Account

A little later, The Onion bites back, with predictable results.

Sadly, This Is Not The Onion

It’s not funny, cause it’s true.

— The tagline for Onion spoof site The On1on, which provides headlines and links to real news stories, including a USA Today story entitled “‘The Onion’ issues apology for tasteless Twitter remark”

“Sponsor Content” Doesn’t Fool Anyone Except Advertisers

One big difference between the Atlantic’s Scientology ad and every other advertorial — we actually paid attention to it.

Amazon Looks for Its “Seinfeld,” and Asks for Your Help

Here are Jeff Bezos’s first six attempts to create a sitcom. He’s getting help from The Onion, “The Daily Show” veterans, Doonesbury’s creator, and you, the Web video viewer.

The Last Word on Twitter Ads

Weekend Update, 4.04.09