China’s Lenovo Plans Gradual U.S. Push

Lenovo Group Ltd. has only just started in the U.S. The Chinese computer maker, which is known for its ThinkPad personal computers, is working its way toward the American consumer market.

You’ve Come a Long Way, ThinkPad: Lenovo Unveils New Ultrabooks, Windows 8 Tablet

Surface what? Lenovo charges full speed ahead with its own Windows 8 tablet for fall.

Back to School With Two Thin Laptops — One Pricey, One Not

These two new Windows laptops from Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard are aimed at different ends of the market.

Lenovo Looks to Bridge Business and Consumer With New Ultra-Light and Ultrabook ThinkPads

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 carbon Ultrabook is definitely not your father’s ThinkPad.

A Look Back at IBM’s Palmisano Era and the China Strategy

Palmisano will be remembered as the man who sold IBM’s PC division to China’s Lenovo. Seven years later, it seems to have been a good trade for both parties.

Lenovo Jumps Into Tablet Fray With Two Android Models and a Windows 7 Device for Good Measure

Lenovo hopes its ThinkPad and IdeaPad Android tablets, due next month, will stand out from the pack thanks to a few unique features.

Exclusive: Lenovo Exec Sees a Lot to Like in Windows 8, but Betting on Android, Too

In an interview with AllThingsD’s Ina Fried, Peter Hortensius said he was pleased with what he is seeing with Windows 8, both in terms of its ability to appeal to traditional PC buyers and to expand the OS into new shapes and sizes. That said, Lenovo is not betting exclusively on Windows and is hard at work bringing its first Android-based tablets to market later this summer.

In 4G Race, Verizon Pulls Ahead With Pricey Speed

Verizon Wireless’s new 4G network is “wicked fast” but potentially costly, writes Walt.

Sprint 4G Phone Hits New Speeds, but Battery Lags

The EVO 4G has a front-facing camera for video chatting, can serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot and offers the highest consistent downstream data speeds around—until the battery runs out.

Who Will Buy Palm? If Not HTC, How About HP?

Well, this is a bit ironic, coming as it does on the heels of Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein’s “I believe Palm can survive as an independent company” proclamation Thursday: HTC has reportedly declined to bid on the company. So where will Palm look now?