Viral Video: Even Jerry Seinfeld Has a Drone. What’s With That?

This Crackle show works a lot better than you’d think.

Three Women Dick Costolo Wishes Were Tweeting

The “very important tweeters” the CEO has his eye on all have something in common: They’re funny.

Viral Video: Adorkable Tina Fey Thinks You Boring People Need a License to Tweet

Hey, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: Tina Fey is giving you a comic smackdown.

Viral Video: Best Worst Sarah Palin Imitation


Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Prove Steve Burke Can Take a Joke

The NBCUniversal CEO drops by the “The Jersey Floor” and is a good sport about letting his employees insult his network to his face.

Eric Schmidt Plays Oprah With Tina Fey (Video)

Now that Eric Schmidt isn’t running Google anymore, he has time for this kind of stuff: An hour-long interview with Tina Fey, conducted last week at the Googleplex.

Google TV: No Need to Tune In Just Yet

Google TV, the latest attempt to integrate Web video and regular TV, is a bold effort, but it is ultimately too complicated for mainstream use.

Viral Video: Stewart Does Beck. Really, He Does.

Last week, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart spoofed Fox News’s Glenn Beck in a blackboard parody almost as good as Tina Fey’s spot-on impression of Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live.” The conservative pundits seem to be the online comedy gift that keeps on giving.


Almost Famous: Michael Gregory of Auto-Tune the News

We went all the way to Brooklyn to visit with, ask some questions of and gather a few pertinent stats about Michael Gregory and Auto-Tune the News, the viral video series featuring mainstream news personalities and hip-hop style singing. No cute cats need apply.

Hulu: Watch Our Shows on a Big Screen, but not on a TV

Want to watch the season finale of “30 Rock” for free, whenever you want, on a big screen? Go for it, says Hulu–just don’t watch it on a TV. Confused? Of course. So was I when I checked out Hulu’s new “Desktop” app, launched today as part of the video service’s new “Labs” collection of experimental offerings. Basically, it’s downloadable software that makes it easier than ever to watch Hulu’s shows and clips in the same way that you’d watch TV–on your sofa, remote in hand. But Hulu wants to make sure you don’t actually think it replaces TV.

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