Oracle Wants $1 Billion More From SAP in TomorrowNow Copyright Case

Oracle plans to appeal a judge’s ruling setting aside the damages award from the largest copyright verdict in history.

Oracle to Court: Let’s Try SAP Again

Unhappy with a judge’s ruling that slashed a judgement from $1.3 billion to $272 million, Oracle says it wants a new copyright infringement trial against rival SAP.


Former SAP Unit Settles Criminal Case

SAP AG said a now-shuttered subsidiary will plead guilty to settle criminal charges that it illegally downloaded copyrighted material from Oracle Corp.

Judge Throws Out $1.3 Billion Judgment Against SAP as “Grossly Excessive”

A federal judge says the $1.3 billion in damages SAP was ordered to pay Oracle in a copyright infringement suit is way too much and should be closer to $272 million.

Oracle to SAP: How's This for Grossly Excessive–We Want Another Half-Billion in Damages

The $1.3 billion jury award given Oracle in its intellectual property infringement case against SAP is not only “grossly excessive,” it’s a “miscarriage of justice” that “shocks the conscience.” So says SAP in a new motion seeking to sharply reduce that award, which it says is in conflict with copyright law and founded on sheer speculation.

SAP Plans to Fight $1.3 Billion Judgment in Oracle Case

SAP believes the jury was too generous in its award to Oracle and that the damages are not proportionate to its subsidiary’s offense of intellectual-property theft.

SAP Granted Lower APR Damages Award in Oracle Case

SAP would rather not pay Oracle interest on top of the $1.3 billlion in damages awarded the company last month. But if it must, it would prefer that the interest be calculated at a lower rate. The company argued that point in a recent court filing, and Tuesday evening a court agreed.

Oracle to SAP: You Owe Us Another $212 Million

Oracle is putting the screws to SAP again. In court papers filed Friday, the company demanded SAP pay it $212 million in interest on top of the $1.3 billion in damages it was awarded in the TomorrowNow lawsuit. Should Oracle’s demand be approved, SAP’s total penalties would rise to $1.63 billion.

Oracle-SAP Verdict: SAP Owes Oracle $1.3 Billion

Billions or millions. That was the central question in the Oracle vs. SAP case and in the end, the jury determined its answer to be billions with a “b.” For the theft of Oracle’s intellectual property by its now shuttered TomorrowNow division, SAP must pay Oracle $1.3 billion.

QOTD: What Happened to “He Is Clearly a Very Important Witness in This Case”?

“I think it would have been helpful and important for the jury to hear from him. On the other hand, it wasn’t essential. We were able to put our case in anyway.”

Oracle attorney David Boies changes his tune on the importance of HP CEO Léo Apotheker’s testimony in the company’s copyright infringement lawsuit against SAP

Oracle Rests SAP Case, Slams HP CEO

Oracle, SAP and the Apotheker Sideshow

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