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Uber Will Vouch for Its Drivers to Help Them Finance GM and Toyota Cars

In an effort to boost the supply of cars in its system, Uber will help potential and current drivers finance cars from General Motors and Toyota in six of its 60 cities worldwide. The company says it has secured lower financing rates than the market standard, due to the near-guarantee of revenue generated via its ride-hailing service. It’s not exactly the same thing, but Airbnb also said recently that it plans to help its hosts buy smartphones so they can better manage their listings.

AirWatch, Mobile Device Manager for Enterprises, Raises $200 Million from Insight Venture Partners

There’s a big business in helping big companies wrangle their fleets of iPads and other mobile devices.


Is It Time for Just-in-Time Data Centers?

Data center facilities suffer from the same kind of waste that plagued the auto industry before lean manufacturing changed it.


Toyota, Audi Prep Self-Driving Cars

Toyota Motor Corp. and Audi AG are throwing their hats into the ring of potential suppliers of self-driving vehicles.

News Byte

NewsCred Adds Washington Post to Digital Syndication Roster

Content syndicator NewsCred has added the Washington Post to its roster of contributing publishers, which already included Reuters, the Economist and Bloomberg. NewsCred makes money by distributing editorial content to traditional publishers and, increasingly, brands like Toyota and Pepsi.

Raise Your Hand if You Want More Ads on Your Xbox

Sure, Xbox Live has had ads before, but not like these.

Four Types of Advertising Are Emerging in Social Games, EA Says

In a new multimillion-dollar partnership with Electronic Arts, Unilever will test in-game advertising inside The Sims Social.

Solve Media Lets You Skip Web Video Ads. One String Attached …

You despise “pre-roll” ads. Do you hate them enough to type a marketing message?

Resonate Raises $22 Million for “Values” Ads

Ad tech firm Resonate has a simple pitch: It says it can figure out what different groups of Internet users care about, and where to find them on the Web.

Hyundai Hopes YouTube Stars Drive Sales

Do you recognize all three viral video stars in the carmaker’s newest TV campaign? The nice thing about the ads is that they work either way.

Three Cool iPad Ads

Watch an Ad, Make a (Virtual) Buck