The Future of Twitter Events Is Here

The microblogging service rolls out a much-needed feature for surfacing relevant, timely tweets on certain topics.

TweetDeck Chief Iain Dodsworth Departs Twitter

The man in charge of TweetDeck, the power-user application for Twitter, heads to greener pastures.

Why Twitter Killed Tweetdeck for AIR, iPhone and Android

Twitter puts more products out to pasture.

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TweetDeck Catches Up Its Web Apps

Twitter on Tuesday announced a few improvements to the TweetDeck Web applications, including improved filters for content and keyword exclusion, and a method of filtering just for media like photos and video, so users can turn existing columns into media-only columns. It’s part of an effort by the TweetDeck team over the past few months to improve its Web apps considerably, bringing them on par with the team’s existing desktop app.

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TweetDeck Gets a Touch-Up

Twitter updated its TweetDeck power-user interface on Wednesday, an aesthetic refresh of the application across all the platforms it runs on (Mac, Windows, Chrome and the Web). Flourishes include color and template updates, and added choices in font sizing for the squinty among us. The changes are in line with other brand-identity tweaks Twitter has made over the past year, including an updated Twitter bird logo.

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Tweetdeck Gets a Facelift

In line with a series of recent aesthetic changes to its mobile products, the Twitter-owned Tweetdeck application updated its desktop apps Tuesday, aiming to streamline the layout while adding features for power users. Among the changes are revamped columns, more instantaneous access to individual tweet actions and, of course, a refresh of the Twitter bird icon to the new logo.

Bottlenose Is a Web-Based Twitter Client for Power Users

Bottlenose, a Web-based social media dashboard, is using natural language processing and “crowd computing” to try to be smarter than the many other available options.

Why Betaworks Broke Up the Band

Andy Weissman jumps from the incubator/holding company to become a full-time investor at Union Square Ventures. That wasn’t the plan a few months ago.

Confirmed: Twitter Plans to Announce Photo-Sharing Service This Week

Twitter will announce a photo-sharing service at the D9 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. this week, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Exclusive: Q&A With TweetDeck CEO Iain Dodsworth on His Sale to Twitter

Now that it’s finally, really, a done deal, here’s what’s going to happen to next.