T-Mobile Decides Its New Plans Are So Good That Even Its Older Customers Need One

The company says it is doing away with many of its older plans in the coming months.
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Verizon Says Software Glitch Let Some Customers Upgrade Phone and Keep Unlimited Plan

The carrier says it was a software bug rather than a policy shift that allowed the upgrades, but said it will honor the unlimited plans of anyone who managed to score an upgrade.

T-Mobile’s Latest Promo Offers Entire Lineup of Phones for No Upfront Payment

A summer promotion has T-Mobile spreading the entire cost of its phones over 24 months, hoping to entice customers with the prospect of a new Galaxy S4 or iPhone without the usual initial cost.

AT&T’s “Next” Plan Offers A New Smartphone Every 12 Months, With Some Strings

AT&T is following in T-Mobile’s footsteps and letting consumers upgrade their phones once a year instead of once every two years. Its new plan calls for user’s to turn in their old device if they trade up early.

Heads Up: Boost Mobile to Start Throttling Data January 20

Changes afoot for Boost Mobile’s unlimited data plans.

T-Mobile Looks to Put the “Unlimited” Back in Its Unlimited Data Plan

Hoping to reverse recent customer losses, T-Mobile is once again offering unlimited data plans that don’t slow users down once they hit a certain usage level.

MetroPCS Intros $55 Unlimited 4G Data Plan, LG Motion 4G

MetroPCS will offer unlimited everything for $55 per month, but only for a limited time.

AT&T Says Its Shared-Data Plans Will Arrive August 23

AT&T becomes the second major U.S. carrier to let customers pool their gigabytes, following a similar move from Verizon.

AT&T: 3.7 Million iPhones Activated Last Quarter

Ma Bell says it now has 63 million smartphones on its network, representing more than three-fifths of its contract subscribers.

T-Mobile Pooh-Poohs Shared Data Plans

The No. 4 U.S. carrier, like Sprint, is focusing on per-device unlimited plans instead.