Verizon Wireless CTO David Small on LTE, Launch of the iPhone

Verizon CTO David Small on how Verizon prepared for the iPhone, why it isn’t rushing to shift voice calling over to LTE, and more.
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Verizon Android Users Probably Just Holding Out for iPhone 5

If the debut of the iPhone on Verizon didn’t trigger quite the mass exodus of Android users some had expected, it could be because the carrier is more of a stronghold for Google’s mobile OS than anyone expected. But there might be another reason, as well.

Apple Leapfrogs Motorola and HTC to Become No. 3 Phone Seller in U.S.

Buoyed by the launch of the Verizon iPhone, Apple gained nine points of smartphone market share in the first quarter and became the third-largest seller of phones in the U.S. overall, according to new figures from NPD. Meanwhile, for the first time, more than half of U.S. consumers opted for a smartphone when buying a new handset.

Apple Blows It Out…Again

Apple’s March quarter saw, among other things, the iPhone’s debut on Verizon, the launch of the iPad 2 and the new Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pro line. No wonder it was a blowout.

IPhone 5 Will Be the Real Test of Apple's Strength on Verizon

How much of an effect has the February debut of the long-awaited Verizon iPhone 4 had on Apple’s bottom line? Probably not as big a one as the Verizon iPhone 5.

Apple Aims to Squash Pair of Bugs With Latest iOS Update

The iPhone maker offered an update on Thursday aimed to address two recent bugs causing problems for some using the latest versions of Apple’s latest phone and tablet software. It also released security updates for the Mac and for the Verizon iPhone.

Android Provides More Eyeballs to Advertisers, While iPhone Offers Most Revenue to App Creators, Study Finds

It’s one thing to measure the number of smartphones sold of each given brand or operating system. But adding up sheer numbers doesn’t always indicate how big the opportunity is for either app developers or advertisers. New figures from Millennial Media indicate that the Android remains king of the heap when it comes to a vehicle for delivering ads, while the iPhone remains tops when it comes to making money for developers.

White iPhone 4 Really, Really Coming This Time, Bloomberg Says

Apple’s long-promised hue may be landing in the coming weeks, according to a report on Wednesday. Bloomberg says a blanc iPhone 4 will be made available on both Verizon and AT&T’s networks.

Verizon iPhone Users Report Far Fewer Dropped Calls, Survey Says

A new study shows that Verizon and AT&T iPhone customers are both quite satisfied with their smartphone, but that among iPhone owners planning to buy another Apple phone, considerably more want to go with Verizon rather than AT&T.

Verizon iPhone Was February’s Most Popular Phone Model, comScore Says

Android continued to grow its share of the smartphone market, but Apple outpaced all other individual hardware makers in the cell phone business amid strong sales of the Verizon iPhone. Overall, more people are browsing the Web and using apps on their phone as the smartphone market continues to grow rapidly, comScore said.

Hello World (iPhone)

Verizon’s iPhone Picture Comes Into Focus