Netflix Pursues Cable TV Deals

Online video service would be available on set-top boxes.


Disney, Sony Experiment in Korea With Early Video on Demand

Two Hollywood studios have quietly begun testing a controversial business model in South Korea after years of failed efforts in the U.S.: Renting movies via video on demand while they are still playing in theaters.

News Byte

Carlyle Group Leads $100 Million Round for Video Service

Avail-TVN, a company that helps process and manage video for cable systems and other services, has raised $100 million in a round led by the Carlyle Group, along with previous investors including Columbia Capital, Valhalla Partners, Novak Biddle and Pioneer Ventures. Avail-TVN used $27 million of the round to buy UK-based On Demand Group, which provides video-on-demand services outside the U.S. Last year, it generated more than $200 million in revenue.

Time Warner Cable’s Porn Problem: It Isn’t Selling Enough Porn

Maybe Hulu and other Web sites aren’t encouraging cord-cutting (yet!). But free Web porn is cutting into a high-profit part of the cable business.

Exclusive: SnagFilms Snags $10 Million in Funding at $50 Million Valuation

SnagFilms, the online video distribution site for professional documentaries, has nabbed $10 million in funding from Comcast’s investment arm and New Enterprise Associates, and will also now be distributing fictional independent releases. That and the new investment giving SnagFilms a valuation of $50 million should be big news at the 11th Sundance Film Festival, the famous independent film gathering opening in Park City, Utah, on Thursday.

Sony Bets on a Countertop View of the Web

The Sony Dash is a $200 gadget that’s like a digital photo frame on steroids: It plays videos, music, and photo slide shows, and runs over 1,000 apps. Katie asks: Is there room in our gadget-packed lives for yet another device?


Boxee, Roku Announcing Deals for Streaming Live Sports on TV

Watching live sports on television via the Web may have just gotten easier. Starting Monday, Web-to-TV software company Boxee will distribute the National Hockey League’s Game Center Live online video content. In addition, the National Basketball Association is set to announce a similar partnership with Roku, maker of a digital video player that streams Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand via the Web, for the distribution of NBA digital video content, beginning with some of this season’s playoff games.

How to Watch Video, Wirelessly, on Your TV Set

Intel’s Wi-Di and MediaMall’s PlayOn offer ways to watch your computer videos on your TV, but they are expensive solutions that have downsides.

Wall Street Punishes Netflix for Making Wall Street Happy

Shares in Netflix, which have have more than doubled in the last year, are a bit down today. What gives? Best to be wary of anyone who tells you why a stock moves on a given day, but a good bet here would be: Shares in Netflix have more than doubled in the last year.

A Clicker To Watch TV Online

Katherine Boehret looks at Clicker.com, which helps viewers find their favorite shows online faster.

Pink Slips at Big Blue?

StealDVD? Well, You Were Asking for It…

Sue. Rent. Rip. Return.

ABC Announces "Must Flee TV"

Burst Case Scenarios