AllThingsD Week in Review: WhatsApp vs. Bullshit Metrics and Apple’s Tearjerker Ad

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.

Anki Brings Videogames to Life With Robotic Toy Cars

You could say Anki is not like anything you’ve seen before — but it’s totally like what you’ve seen before. On a screen in a videogame.

Console Makers at E3 Weigh the Impact of Casual and Mobile Games

Are casual games like Candy Crush gateway games to bigger titles?

News Byte

Microsoft Will Unveil New Xbox May 21

Microsoft will show off its next-generation Xbox videogame console at its Redmond, Wash., campus on May 21, according to invitations sent to reporters today. The Verge previously reported that the new Xbox, code-named Durango, will interact with owners’ cable boxes. Microsoft’s Nancy Tellem and Yusuf Mehdi shared numbers about its current living room fixture, the seven-year-old Xbox 360, at D: Dive Into Media in February.

Viral Video: Conan Is the Best Clueless Gamer Ever

Tomb Raider for idiots.

Seven Questions for Sony’s Jack Tretton, Following the PlayStation 4 Event

Sony gives some guidance on how much the new PlayStation might cost.

Xbox Remains Top Console in U.S., but PlayStation’s Strength Is Global

There’s no doubt about Xbox’s strength in the U.S., but internationally, the PlayStation still dominates.

Microsoft’s Xbox Tries Turning the Entire Living Room Into a Videogame

With a new Xbox on the horizon, it’s fun to think about the kinds of innovations Microsoft could bring to market.

Zynga, Electronic Arts Shutting Down Games on Facebook

Zynga closes PetVille, Mafia Wars 2, ForestVille, Vampire Wars and Indiana Jones Adventure World, while Electronic Arts chops Monopoly Millionaires and World Series Superstars.

Microsoft’s Xbox Blows Wii U’s First-Week Sales Out of the Water

The Xbox 360 sold more than 750,000 consoles in the U.S. last week, easily beating Wii U sales of 400,000.