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With iOS 7.0.2, Apple Patches Lock-Screen Bypass Flaw

Apple on Thursday delivered a promised fix for the lock-screen bypass vulnerability discovered in its iOS 7 operating system last week. Included in iOS 7.0.2, it shores up a security flaw that, if exploited, could have given attackers access to an iPhone’s stored photos — and the email and Web services accounts used to share them.

Yes, Apple Is Working on a Fix for the iOS 7 Lock Screen Hack

In the meantime, just disable access to Control Center on your iOS device’s lock screen.

Facebook Responds to Zuckerberg Profile Hack: Our Bad (Sorta)

The hacker says he was just trying to help!
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Home launch event.

iOS 7 Will Immunize iPhones From Bogus Charger Attacks

Simple fix for a theoretical exploit.

Is Ibrahim Balic Behind the Apple Dev Center Hack? Maybe Not.

Apple’s response to the breach suggests a more serious intrusion by nefarious players, not an altruistic Whitehat like Balic.

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Heard About the iOS Lockscreen Hack? No, Not That One — The New One.

Apple’s iOS passcode vulnerability issues have turned into a game of Whac-A-Mole. On Tuesday, the company shipped iOS 6.1.3, which repaired a pair of flaws that could be exploited to bypass an iPhone’s lockscreen to gain access to user data. Today, a similar flaw has been discovered in 6.1.3. It affects only the iPhone 4, and the hack to exploit it is quite involved. But a vulnerability is a vulnerability, and Apple now has another one to repair. To be fair, the iPhone maker isn’t the only company struggling with these issues. Samsung said today that it’s working on a fix for a lockscreen vulnerability on its Android devices.

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Apple Whacks Passcode Hack With iOS 6.1.3

Apple on Tuesday delivered a promised fix for a vulnerability in iOS 6.1 that could be exploited to bypass passcode locks on iOS devices. Built into the latest point release of iOS, 6.1.3, the fix repairs the flaw, which when exploited granted access to a device’s contacts, voicemails and photos.

Apple Working on Fix for iOS 6.1 Passcode Hack

Apple’s hard at work on a fix for a bug discovered in iOS 6.1.

Patched or Not, Homeland Security Says You’re Still Better Off Without Java

CERT says the best patch for Java is to disable it entirely.

Oracle Patches Java Vulnerability

Yet another fix for yet another vulnerability.

Android Malware on the Rise