Big Money for Mobile Crowdsourced Transit App Moovit, With Sequoia Leading $28M Round

The stakes go up for a previously small company that had called itself “Waze for transit.”

Facebook, Google Slow Their Startup Spending Spree

“Acqhires” dropped dramatically in Q3. Summer lull, or something else?

Google and Waze Start Mixing Their Maps for the First Time

Coming to a Google Map near you: “Reported via Waze app.”
Waze adds Google

Google Spent $1.3B on Acquisitions So Far This Year, Mostly on Waze

There were also 15 non-Waze acquisitions.

Apple Confirms HopStop Acquisition

Looks like Apple’s recent purchase of crowdsourced location data company Locationary was part of a twofer mapping acquisition.

After Waze, What Else Can Mobile Crowdsourcing Do?

What sorts of useful things can the geolocated, sensor-laden smartphone toters of the world do for each other?

FTC Reviewing Google’s Waze Acquisition


In Passing on Waze, Did Facebook Make a Big Mistake or the Right Call?

With Google buying the social app for $1 billion, did the social networking giant miss its big mobile mapping opportunity?

Google Officially Buys Waze in a $1 Billion-Plus Deal, Will Keep It Independent

Google now owns map startup Waze.

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