CafeMom Launches Daily Deals and Plans Hispanic Moms Site

CafeMom, a social-networking and community site aimed at mothers, is expanding its offerings to daily deals, as well as announcing an anticipated launch of a site aimed at Hispanic moms. The deals site has just been launched under the killer URL of

As Web IPOs Heat Up, Prominent Internet Analyst Khan Jumps From J.P. Morgan to Banking at Credit Suisse

In yet another sign that the Internet market is getting very interesting to Wall Street, well-known analyst Imran Khan is jumping from his perch as managing director at J.P. Morgan to become a banker at Credit Suisse, sources said. In this new role, the high-profile Khan–well known for his reports on digital companies–will be running investment banking for Internet markets, including IPOs and M&A.

Warning: Oversharing Ahead, as Wall Street Bankers Start to Talk Up Web 2.0 IPOs

Goldman Sachs seems to have borked the $1.5 billion deal to sell Facebook shares to its rich U.S. clients, because so much information about it leaked everywhere. That’s right! The loquacious Wall Street bankers are back to take Web 2.0’s social stars public and, of course, are oversharing already.

Russia's DST Out of Twitter Funding Race, With Kleiner Poised to Take the Deal

According to sources close to the situation, the aggressive Russian investment outfit DST Global is out of the running to fund Twitter. Instead, the prize is almost certainly going to Kleiner Perkins, the legendary Silicon Valley venture firm of Web 1.0 that has been making a big push of late into the Web 2.0 market. The valuation for the new round–which sources said is well above $150 million–will be from $3.5 billion to $4 billion. There also might be smaller investors in the new round, which could be completed next week.

Exclusive: Silicon Valley Go-To Guy Peter Currie Joining Twitter Board

According to sources close to the situation, well-known Silicon Valley power player Peter Currie is joining the board of directors of Twitter. It’s an interesting choice to bring the well-regarded moneyman to the microblogging start-up, and could indicate an intent to push to an IPO eventually. With much hot start-up experience, Currie is also suited to helping Twitter sort through its current funding round.

Hire Like It's 1999: Kleiner's Doerr Finally Lands Meeker After 11 Years of Trying (and It's About Time)

Wall Street’s star Internet analyst Mary Meeker considered leaving Morgan Stanley in New York for Silicon Valley’s Kleiner Perkins 11 years ago. Today, she finally joined the legendary venture firm today as a partner in the digital arena. It’s a much-needed hire, given Meeker’s deep well of experience and the critical need for the still-lagging-behind-hotter-VCs Kleiner to wade more definitively into more current tech trends that she knows well.

ATD Gets Social With Liz Gannes (In Other Words, We Hired Her)

A few days ago, All Things Digital announced CNET senior writer Ina Fried was joining the staff to cover mobile for the site. Today, we complete a one-two punch with the hiring of Liz Gannes, who will be covering the critical social beat. She comes to us after an impressive stint as a senior writer from the terrific GigaOm Network.

The Bay Citizen's Jon Weber–Editor of Web 1.0–Talks About Journalism 2.0

It’s been less than a year since the former top editor of the Industry Standard–the once high-flying (and then not so much) magazine of the Web 1.0 era–Jon Weber got back to the Bay Area from his stint away in Montana. His latest job–editor in chief of the Bay Area News Project, now known as the Bay Citizen, a wealthy-donor-backed, nonprofit endeavor online to focus on local news coverage, even as mainstream media outlets founder. BoomTown checks in on how it’s all going.

Exclusive: Yahoo Eyes CafeMom for $100 Million Acquisition

According to numerous sources, Yahoo is eager to close a deal to acquire CafeMom, a social-networking and community site aimed at mothers, in a move aimed at turbocharging its often-meandering strategy in the important women’s space. The price being offered, said sources, is hovering at $100 million, about the same amount Yahoo recently forked over for Associated Content. The deal might not happen, of course, but several sources said the pair have been deep in negotiations in recent weeks.

Scott McNealy's Top 15 Reasons He's Surprised We're Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Web

Last night, BoomTown headed to San Francisco’s wedding-cake City Hall to attend “The 25 Years of .Com Gala,” which is honoring a quarter-century that I have been jacked into the matrix. Actually, it’s the 25th anniversary of the .com Internet domain name. And perhaps the most enjoyable blast from the past was the appearance of jeans-clad former Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy, who ably retains the title of Clown Prince of Silicon Valley.

Groupon's Andrew Mason Speaks!

eBay Bids to Fix a Security Hole